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     - RDM-SMN17
    Grease nipple assortment Inch dimensions - RDM-SMN17
    • Article number: RDM-SMN17
     - RDM-SMN5897
    Grease nipple assort Metric - RDM-SMN5897
    • Article number: RDM-SMN5897
     - BG495
    Kettingvet - BG495
    • Article number: BG495
     - BG608
    SS2000 vet patronen - BG608
    • Article number: BG608
     - BG498
    Bg hcf vet waterproof - BG498
    • Article number: BG498
     - BG605
    BG Special HCF Greas - BG605
    • Article number: BG605
    SS2000 vet emmer 15,88KG - BG60835
    • Article number: BG60835

    At RDM Parts we have the best lubricants from BG in our online assortment. This is tuned to the machines that are used to the maintenance of gardens, parks and golf courses.


    With BG lubricants you are ensured of a machine that is in optimal condition. The products are unique and of high quality. this is seen in the way the lubricants work under extreme cold or hot circumstances or under high pressure. The lubricants are of excellent quality and help to prevent the need for maintenance of the machine. On top of that the durability of the machine and parts are expanded.

    BG Lubricants

    BG makes lubricants for a range of systems, fuel systems, engines, transmission, brakes, cooling, chains and gear boxes. Extensive research shows that the the lubricant that is produced enlongens the durability of the machine. The lubricants protect against rust and are unimpaired by water.