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     - RDM-17210505
    Luchtfilter laag - RDM-17210505
    • Article number: RDM-17210505
     - RDM-17210822
    Luchtfilter hoog - RDM-17210822
    • Article number: RDM-17210822
     - R111316
    FILTER - AIR ELEMENT 18HP - R111316
    • Article number: R111316
    air filter AF1613M
    • Article number: AF1613M
    air filter AF27872
    • Article number: AF27872
    air filter AF26614 - AF26614
    • Article number: af26614
    air filter AF4187 - AF4187
    • Article number: af4187
    air filter AF4564KM
    • Article number: AF4564KM
    air filter AF1801
    • Article number: AF1801
    air filter AF4946
    • Article number: AF4946
    air filter AF55863 - AF55863
    • Article number: af55863
    air filter AF25634
    • Article number: AF25634
    Luchtfilter - AF27834
    • Article number: AF27834
    air filter AF26290
    • Article number: AF26290
    air filter AF25593
    • Article number: AF25593
    air filter AF25857
    • Article number: AF25857
    air filter AF26345
    • Article number: AF26345
    Lucht filter - AF4944
    • Article number: AF4944
    air filter AF26005
    • Article number: AF26005
    air filter AF25686
    • Article number: AF25686
    air filter AF982M
    • Article number: AF982M
     - AF465
    air filter AF465
    • Article number: AF465
    air filter AF1623
    • Article number: AF1623
    air filter AF1766
    • Article number: AF1766
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    Air filters are essential for every machine because a little dirt, dust and sand can damage your engine. An air filter filters these small particles in the air intake. This ensures that the particles do not enter the cilinders or become mixed with the oil. Fleetguard filters make sure your engine runs smootly and does not lose power.

    It is important to regularly check and replace the filters of the machines. A dirty filter lessens the flow of air to the motor and this has a negative effect on the performance of the engine. A good maintenance schedule instructs when to replace the filters. To ensure that the right maintenance is done to the machine refer to the maintenance schedules of the machine brand. The most mowers have easy access to the air filter.

    Fleetguard Filters

    The air filters from our stock fit several mower brands. to find the right filter, refer to the parts manual of the machine or on the product pages of our filters. Our parts specialist can assist you with any questions about the air filters.

    Fleetguard is the brand when it comes to filters for large commercial machines. In 1919 the company Cummins started manufacturing engines. Besides engines the company started multiple other activities. This resulted in the company launching the Fleetguard brand. The experience and innovative focus of the company made Fleetguard one of the industries leaders in filters for large commercial and industrial applications.