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Parts that fit the Verti Drain machinery

RDM Parts supplies all parts that fit the redixem VertiDrain machines. In our shop you will find your machine. You can find the parts that you need in the parts manual of your Verti-Drain. In addition to all parts suitable for Vertidrain aerators, we also supply all tines / pins for Vertidrain aeration equipment.

Vertidrain parts manuals



Do you use a Vertidrain machine and is it in need of maintenance? Or do you notice that the wearing parts need replacing? Take advantage of our affordable alternatives to original Vertidrain parts. You will get a competitive price while you can count on the quality like you are used to. You can save a lot with the use of our alternatives which you can apply to your Vertidrain machines. Request a quote online at our customer service, or contact us to order the parts immediately.

Spare parts suitable for redixem Vertidrain machines

We are happy to assist you with the various parts that are suitable for redixem Vertidrain machines. Are you using a 7110, a 1515, 7113 or 7120? Tell us the machine you are using and we can be of excellent service. RDM Parts has a lot of knowledge about Verti drain machinery. Of course we provide high quality parts, so maintenance to your Vertidrain brings your machine back in optimal condition. We provide alternatives to the original spare parts for your Vertidrain machine.

Buy discounted Vertidrain parts

The alternatives to Vertidrain parts are often a lot cheaper than the original parts. You can save on the costs of buying parts, while the machine still works just like how you would expect. For example, look for Vertidrain for our Vertidrain parts take a look at our catalog, or contact us for more information about maintaining your Vertidrain. We provide the alternatives to the original parts and have the knowledge that you are looking for. Please contact us for more information or a quotation, so that we can be of service as soon as possible.