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Gearbox additives

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     - RDM-95-7512
    Shaft Gear - RDM-95-7512
    • Article number: rdm-95-7512
     - BG325-BIG
    Additive for Gear oil 3.78ltr. - BG325-BIG
    • Article number: BG325-BIG
     - BG310
    Atc plus 310 - BG310
    • Article number: BG310
     - BG325
    Toevoeging tandwiel transmissie - BG325
    • Article number: BG325

    In the RDM Parts catalog you can only find products of excellent quality, including BG lubricants and additives. We work with these products and our experiences are that these products are of high quality. If you want to know more about the products you can always contact our product specialist. They can tell you more about what lubricants and additives to use.

    The transmission of the machine is under great pressure every hour of opperation. This pressure has only become bigger with new machines being released. To keep this crucial component in optimal shape it is advicable to maintain it properly. To do this the oil of the gear box needs to be checked on a regular basis. This way damage to the gearbox and transmission is prevented and the components last longer.

    Many machines have an automatic transmission, because this is a mechanical transmission, the gearbox is under even higher presure than a manual transmission. This makes the automatic transmission use more oil.

    BG is an expert in additives and lubricants for in the motor and other vital moving parts of the machines. there are several lubricants on the market, but because this is about the vital parts of the machine, it is best to invest in a product of proven quality. Since the quality is high, the systems are less likely to damage or wear down. BG has done years of research for the products they make. The oil additives are tested and it is proven that parts last longer.
    Lubricating the Transmission


    With the use of BG additives, the composition of the oil for the transmission or gearbox is changed. This additives can ensure a better working machine by the unique characteristics. The additives ensure that the oil temperature drops, the oil lasts longer and the manual gearbox works easier and is more silent.