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Groomer blades

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    Number of tooth:
    Mounting blade:
    Wideness carbide tipp:
    Lengte snijvlak - messen:
    Outside diameter:
     - RDM-VB13R
    Groomer blade - RDM-VB13R
    • Article number: rdm-vb13r

    Groomer blades

    The groomer blades have a design that removes the thatch layer between the grass in an effective way. The length of the blade makes sure the thatch is cut at exactly the right dept. The cut frees the access for nutrients for the grass. This leads grass field with a quality feel.

    A grooming blade is subject to wear and tear on a regular basis. A blades edge can wear down quickly because it is always in contact with the soil. The type of steel that is chosen for the blade is very rigid and wear proof.

    The blades edge is reinforced with carbide to keep the blade sharp for a longer period. This makes sure that the dept of stays even. It also leads to lesser replacements of the blades. If you choose to use groomer blades with a carbide tip, you save on expenses that come with maintenance and machine related cost.

    Our groomer blades fit on the mowers of every big mower company like Toro, John Deere, Jacobsen, Ransomes and Sisis. If you use these blades you can deploy your mower in a multitude of ways. The blades are designed in a way that they can replace the original grooming blades without any effort.

    Groomer blades stand out from scarifying blades in the way they are used and the dept of cut. Usually the blades are not as long so they cut the layer of thatch less deep. If you have a very deep layer of thatch you are better of using scarifying blades. On the other hand, groomer blades are easily integrated in a mowing unit by mounting them to a roll. This allows you to mow and groom simultaneously.