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Side eject tines

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     - R92-7941
    poon - side eject 3/4 x 4.75L - R92-7941
    • Article number: R92-7941
     - R201669
    TINE - SE CARBIDE .500X3.5 3/8 MT - R201669
    • Article number: R201669
     - R201641
    TINE - HOL SE AL .300 X4.75X.072 - R201641
    • Article number: R201641
     - R201667
    TINE - SE CARBIDE .400X3.5 3/8 MT - R201667
    • Article number: R201667
     - R201643
    TINE - HOL SE AL .400 X4.75X.072 - R201643
    • Article number: R201643
     - R201666
    TINE - SE CARBIDE .300X4.5 3/8 MT - R201666
    • Article number: R201666
     - R834973
    poon - 3/4 closed - R834973
    • Article number: R834973
     - R108-9162
    Tine - hol se al .300 x 6.5X.058 - R108-9162
    • Article number: R108-9162
     - R201688
    TINE - SE CARBIDE .500X4.5 5/8 MT - R201688
    • Article number: R201688
     - R201710
    TINE - CARBIDE TIP 1/2 X 5/8 X 6L - R201710
    • Article number: R201710
     - RDM-2531006H
    RDM-Verti-Drain Hollow Tine carbide tipped - RDM-2531006H
    • Article number: RDM-2531006H
     - R104-9876
    poon - hd se 5/8 x 5 3/4 x 3/4 mt - R104-9876
    • Article number: R104-9876
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    Side eject tines

    Side eject tines fitting;Vertidrain, Wiedemann, Jacobsen, Toro, John Deere, Ryan, en Terra

    Are you looking for side eject tines that can be fitted on machines from Vertidrain, Wiedemann, Jacobsen, Toro, John Deere, Ryan or Terra? RDM Parts is the right place for you. We have several universal tines in stock that can be used on multiple machines. Using our parts ensures that you save on the costs that come with aeration. Our side eject tines are of a high quality. We supply side eject tines from stock. This means we imediately ship them to you with UPS upon order.

    Aerating grass with side eject tines

    You can aerate the grass with the excellent side eject tines. The tines can be found in our webshop so you don’t need to leave the house. We ensure that you can use them as fast as possible. Do you have the responsibility for the fairway or park? Make sure you create the optimal conditions for the grass to grow with the use of side eject tines. Save on the costs that come with aeration with the alternatives that we offer. Do you have any questions about the quality of the side eject pins or do you want an offer? contact our customer service, they will gladly tell you more.

    Filters to find the right side eject pin.

    By using convenient filters, you can easily search for the right side eject pins that fit the machine that you use. Do you know the connection size, length or diameter? this helps to find the right side eject tines. You can easily order online or request an offer. Contact us for more information or order the universal side eject tines to start aerating quickly