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Golf course accessories (388)

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For on and around the golf course there are several tools, macines and utilities that help you do your work faster, better and cheaper. It is smart to take a look at the tools that are available to use in your garden, park or golf course. There are also several solutions to use in the greening. For instance a sprinkler head trimmer or an underwater mower.

Several attachments can make it easier to keep your irrigation system grass and dirt free. This optimizes the irrigation to other parts of the grass pitch. A simple solution that prevents costly maintenance to crucial systems.

Other greentools are also able to ease the work with grass. The glass prism is the easiest tool to measure if the grass is the ideal height. This can then be tested with a stimpmeter to see if the pitch has the ideal speed for a perfect putt. Because you want to create the optimal conditions for every visitor.