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Cutting Cylinder

Suitable for brand:
Aantal snijbladen kooi(messen):
 - R101351
Reel - 14 blade - R101351
  • Article number: R101351
 - R13-8519
Reel - 11 blade fitting for Toro 13-8519 - R13-8519
  • Article number: R13-8519
 - R11-6869
Reel - 5 blade fitting for Toro 11-6869 - R11-6869
  • Article number: R11-6869
 - R20270-7
Reel - 7 blade fitting for rh Roseman - - R20270-7
  • Article number: R20270-7
 - RAR87
Reel - 4 blade fitting for Roseman AR87 - RAR87
  • Article number: RAR87
 - R101485
Brush Reel lh/rear Jacobsen - - R101485
  • Article number: R101485
 - R4-2161
Spindel - 9 Blatt - R4-2161
  • Article number: R4-2161
 - R12-2789
Reel - 11 blade fitting for Toro 12-2789 - R12-2789
  • Article number: R12-2789
 - R101489
Brush Reel Jacobsen - - R101489
  • Article number: R101489
Reel - 7 blade fitting for Ransomes MBE2377 - RMBE2377
  • Article number: RMBE2377
Reel - 5 blade fitting for Toro 115-8270 - R115-8270
  • Article number: r115-8270
 - R506610
Reel - 6 blade fitting for lh Jacobsen - - R506610
  • Article number: R506610
REEL - 6 BLADE 10 IN DIA - RDM12458
  • Article number: RDM12458
 - R26-2400
Reel - 5 blade fitting for Toro - - R26-2400
  • Article number: R26-2400
 - R5-3195
Reel - 4 blade fitting for Toro - - R5-3195
  • Article number: R5-3195
Reel - 10 blade - RC400012
  • Article number: RC400012
 - R5-3200
Reel - 4 blade - R5-3200
  • Article number: R5-3200
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Do you need a new reel?

We offer several reels for your reelmowers. These will keep your field in perfect condition. We have parts for your 3 unit, 5 unit and 7 unit reelmowers / tee mowers. For brands like Toro, Roberine, Sabo, John Deere, Brouwer and Jacobsen.

The best maintenance for your reels

Mowing has a direct and big impact on the grass of your sport pitch or golf course. This is why you should always take optimal care of your mowers. Also it is advisable to sharpen or replace your reels regularly. A clean cut is vital to keep your grass in a healthy condition.

If your sport pitch or golf course is mowed with a dull blade, the resistance of the plant against disseases, drought, and temperature extremes will be lowered. Dull blades tear the leafs instead of cutting them. There are two ways to keep your reel sharp.

The first method to keep your reel sharp

There is light contact between the blade en the bedknife. You can regularly sharpen the reels by backlapping them. Using a small amount of backlappaste let the blade go counterclockwise and the blades of the bedknife and reel will be sharp again.

The second method is also known as the noncontact method

There is no contact between the blade and the bedknife and the room between the two is equal to the thickness of a sheet of paper. Every thirty days the reel is sharpened to keep it in tip top condition. The bedknife should also be sharpened regularly with a front face. This is a sharpening device that is magnetically attached to the bedknife. It restores the original angle of the bed knife.

Is your reel needing replacement?

In the images below you find the diameters of the cylinder when they are new and when they need replacement. We have highlighted John Deere, Ransomes, Jacobsen and Toro. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

The provided sizes are an indication. Read the manual of your machine for exact sizes.