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Tyre dimension:
Profile type:
 - RDM-23850105012TR13
Binnenband 23X8.50/10.50-12 TR13 - RDM-23850105012TR13
  • Article number: RDM-23850105012TR13
 - RED188508
18x8.50-8 Redwing Turf 24 RX Aramid 6PR tyre - RED188508
  • Article number: red188508
 - RED1910508
Smooth tyre redwing 19x10.50-8 4PR - RED1910508
  • Article number: red1910508
 - RDM-3504004TR87
Binnenband 3.50/4.00-4 - RDM-3504004TR87
  • Article number: RDM-3504004TR87
 - RDM-269078
19 x 10.50 - 8 4PR tl C-190 smooth - RDM-269078
  • Article number: RDM-269078
 - RED20100010TU6PR
20x10.00-10 Redwing Turf 24 6PR tyre - RED20100010TU6PR
  • Article number: red20100010tu6pr
 - RDM-20100010BKT
20X10.00-10 BKT LG306 6PLY TL - RDM-20100010BKT
  • Article number: RDM-20100010BKT
 - RED20100010TU4PR
20x10.00-10 Redwing Turf 24 4PR tyre - RED20100010TU4PR
  • Article number: red20100010tu4pr
 - RED189508
18x9.50-8 Redwing Turf 24 RX Aramid 6PR tyre - RED189508
  • Article number: red189508
 - RED7008W
Wheel White 4/4 PCD BB67 CB CN White - RED7008W
  • Article number: red7008w
Tyre Sealant 25 Ltr Pump HD - REDSEALPUMP
  • Article number: redsealpump
 - RED1885010TU4PR
18x8.50-10 Redwing Turf 24 4PR tyre - RED1885010TU4PR
  • Article number: red1885010tu4pr
 - RT55041810508
TIRE - 18 x 10.50-8 (4 PLY) OTR SMOOTH - RT55041810508
  • Article number: RT55041810508
 - RDM-2080010010
Binnenband 20X8.00/10.00-10 - RDM-2080010010
  • Article number: RDM-2080010010
 - RDM-26120012
Binnenband 26X12.00-12 TR13 - RDM-26120012
  • Article number: RDM-26120012
 - RDM-29125015TR13
Tube 29x12.50-15 TR13 - RDM-29125015TR13
  • Article number: RDM-29125015TR13
 - R150615
Tyre foam filled 8 x 3.50-4 - R150615
  • Article number: R150615
 - RED166508TU6PR
16x6.50-8 Redwing Turf 24 6PR tyre - RED166508TU6PR
  • Article number: red166508tu6pr
 - RED189508TU4PR
18x9.50-8 Redwing Turf 24 4PR tyre - RED189508TU4PR
  • Article number: red189508tu4pr
 - R68-8950
Tube - castor wheel 8X3-4 - R68-8950
  • Article number: R68-8950
 - RED117004MR4PR
11x7.00-4 Redwing Multi Rib 4PR TL tyre - RED117004MR4PR
  • Article number: red117004mr4pr
 - RED26120012TU4PR
26x12.00-12 Redwing Turf 24 4PR tyre - RED26120012TU4PR
  • Article number: red26120012tu4pr
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