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tractor tires

 - RDM-TR415
Ventil 15mm - RDM-TR415
  • Article number: RDM-TR415
Buitenband 22.5LL-16.1 Galaxy Turf Special - RDM-059780
  • Article number: rdm-059780
Tyre Sealant 1 Ltr. - REDSEAL
  • Article number: redseal
 - RDM-15710515
Grass tyre - RDM-15710515
  • Article number: rdm-15710515
 - 833599050
Carlisle 21 x 11.00 - 10 at101 chevron - 833599050
  • Article number: 833599050
 - 833599044
Carlisle 21 x 11.00 - 8 at101 chevron - 833599044
  • Article number: 833599044
 - 833560352
Carlisle 24 x 12.00 - 12 at101 chevron - 833560352
  • Article number: 833560352
Outer tyre 20x10.00-10 - 056305
  • Article number: 056305

Tractor tires

A tractor or zero turn mower has to work in difficult environments. Mud, sand and wet grass are encountered every day. Choosing the right tires to suit the occasion is critical. This will increase your efficiency because you won’t slip or get stuck. RDM Parts has several tires for tractors and zero turn mowers. If you have any questions about mounting the right tire, contact our parts specialist. They can tell you everything about tires and the application under extreme conditions

Chevron tires

A chevron tire has a unique profile that is optimized for the drive shaft of the machine. The tire is mostly used when extra traction is required. The profile has a wedge shape and follows around the shoulder of the tires. This ensures that you have extra traction even when you are sunk in the mud. The profile is adapted to perform optimally in these conditions.