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Bevestigingsmateriaal tanden voor rotorkopeggen bouten en moeren parts

Schroefdraad lengte - bev mat.:
Thread type:
Thread length:
 - 808-RHMU-24
self-locking nut - cone-shaped - M24x2 - 8.8 - 808-RHMU-24
  • Article number: 808-rhmu-24
 - 808-30-1030
Bolt with self-locking nut - M10x1 - 10.9 - 808-30-1030
  • Article number: 808-30-1030
 - 808-1045240
Security bolt M10 without nut - 808-1045240
  • Article number: 808-1045240
 - 808-30-MU20
Self-locking nut M20x2,5 - 808-30-MU20
  • Article number: 808-30-mu20
 - 808-30-5844
Bolt with nut and split washer - 5/8“ - 808-30-5844
  • Article number: 808-30-5844
 - 808-51-1025
Saucer-head screw with self-locking nut - 808-51-1025
  • Article number: 808-51-1025
 - 808-51-1885
Hexagon socket bolt - M18x2,5 - 10.9 - 808-51-1885
  • Article number: 808-51-1885
 - 808-51-1243-1
Nut M12x1,5 - 808-51-1243-1
  • Article number: 808-51-1243-1
 - 808-51-16BM-3
Lifting nut - M16x1,5 - 808-51-16BM-3
  • Article number: 808-51-16bm-3
 - 808-51-1640
Hexagon bolts - M16x1,5 - 10.9 - 808-51-1640
  • Article number: 808-51-1640
 - 808-51-1635
Hexagon bolts - M16x1,5 - 10.9 - 808-51-1635
  • Article number: 808-51-1635
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Mounting materials for rotary harrow tines

Rotary harrows are machines that work with an enormous force. On top of that rotary harrow tines are pretty sharp. The tines should be secured tightly and safely to the operational parts of the machine. A loose tine can damage the machine or cause a malfunction.

Mounting hole of the rotary harrow tine

Rotary harrow tines are mounted with a bolt. Not every bolt fits in every tine. Double check if the bolts that you order fit the diameter of the hole in the rotary harrow tine.

Saucer-head bolts for mounting rotary harrow tines

Rotary harrow tines can be mounted with saucer head bolts. These bolts have an evenly declining, but wide head. So they do not take up much space height wise. The flying saucer shape makes the bolt hug tightly against the machine which prevents the bolts from hitting moving parts. Besides that, they are less of a danger because of their small silhouette when compared to hexagon bolts. Saucer-headed bolts are available in multiple standard sizes and standard threads.

Self-locking nuts for mounting rotary harrow tines

Self-locking nuts stay tightly closed even under pressure or when experiencing vibrations. This makes them essential for mounting parts to a rotary harrow. These machines create a lot of force and vibrations because of the job they do. Self-locking nuts are to be tightened with a set force. This is indicated by a number on the nut or bolt, 8.8 for instance. On the product page the tensile strength of the bolt is also indicated. The higher the number, the stronger the nut.

Hexagon bolts for mounting rotary harrow tines

Like saucer-headed bolts hexagon bolts are also used to mount rotary harrow tines. The bolts are available in several metric sizes and there is a variety of threads available for these bolts. Bolts are also made for a predetermined force. Like the nuts this is indicated on the head of the bolt. As a rule of thumb, the higher the indicated number, the more expensive the bolt. Rotary harrows work with tremendous force, so choose a bolt that fits and is strong enough for the force it has to deal with.

Washers for mounting rotary harrow tines

Washers evenly spread the force that is created when a bolt is tightened. This evenly spreads the force between the rotary harrow tine and the adapter that mounts it. This even and gradual increase in force prevents the adapter and tine from damage. There are flat washers and several  varieties of spring washers.