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Tines for rotary harrows

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    Total length:
    Hole spacing:
    Boutgat diameter - messen:
    Suitable for brand:
     - 808-RH-12-DEL
    Tine for rotary harrows, left model - 808-RH-12-DEL
    • Article number: 808-rh-12-del
     - 808-RH83A
    Tine for vibro-harrow - 808-RH83A
    • Article number: 808-rh83a
     - 808-RH110
    Rotary tine - 808-RH110
    • Article number: 808-rh110
     - 808-RH-95-DEL
    Tine for rotary harrows, left model - 808-RH-95-DEL
    • Article number: 808-rh-95-del
     - 808-RH7SP
    Tine for rotary harrows - 808-RH7SP
    • Article number: 808-rh7sp
     - 808-RH-45-L
    Tine for rotary harrows, left model - 808-RH-45-L
    • Article number: 808-rh-45-l
     - 808-RH47
    Tine for rotary harrows - 808-RH47
    • Article number: 808-rh47
     - 808-RH-BRE-39R
    Tine for rotary harrows, right model - 808-RH-BRE-39R
    • Article number: 808-rh-bre-39r
     - 808-RH-68-L-DURA
    Tine for rotary harrows (DURAFACE) - left model - 808-RH-68-L-DURA
    • Article number: 808-rh-68-l-dura
     - 808-RH200
    Tine for rotary harrows - 808-RH200
    • Article number: 808-rh200
     - 808-RH-VIG-11R
    Tine for rotary harrows, right model - 808-RH-VIG-11R
    • Article number: 808-rh-vig-11r
     - 808-RH-65-L
    Tine for rotary harrows, left model - 808-RH-65-L
    • Article number: 808-rh-65-l
     - 808-RH-IND-889R
    Tine for rotary harrows, right model - 808-RH-IND-889R
    • Article number: 808-rh-ind-889r
     - 808-RH6
    Tine for rotary harrows - 808-RH6
    • Article number: 808-rh6
     - 808-RH-FRN-01R
    Tine for rotary harrows, right model - 808-RH-FRN-01R
    • Article number: 808-rh-frn-01r
     - 808-RH54
    Tine for vibro-harrow - 808-RH54
    • Article number: 808-rh54
     - 808-RH-VIG-10L
    Tine for rotary harrows, left model - 808-RH-VIG-10L
    • Article number: 808-rh-vig-10l
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    Power harrow tines endure a lot of stress when they plough through the soil. Rocks, sand and dirt wear down the tines, so you need to replace these wear parts in time to keep an optimal machine. If you have any questions about our power harrow tines, contact our product specialists.

    Left and right sided

    The tines of the power harrow can either be attached on the right or left side. Because the machine has one attaching point for the two sides. Keep this in mind when you replace the tines if you replace a left sided or right sided power harrow tine. This specifies if the cutting edge is on the correct side.

    Replace power harrow tines

    Besides that it is important if your tines are attached on the right or left side of the attachment, the size is also of importance. The total length the distance between the attachment holes and the width are also factors that need to be considered. This dictates the depth of the seeding. Use the filters on our page to get an overview of tines that fit your machine.