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Fuel Additives

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     - BG2401
    Bio diesel conditioner - BG2401
    • Article number: BG2401
     - BG229
    Diesel verstuiver cleaner - BG229
    • Article number: BG229
     - BG-SET01
    Winterbeurt set diesel bg products - BG-SET01
    • Article number: BG-SET01
     - BG208
    44K power enhancer BG208
    • Article number: BG208

    With BG fuel additives you are certain of an optimal machine performance. The BG products are unique and have an excellent quality. This is seen in the way the additives work. The fuel additives ensure that the carbon that is left after combustion, is removed. By choosing the right additives you save on maintenance cost because maintenance is less needed. On top of that you expand the durability of the machine and parts that are exposed to wear and high pressure.


    BG heeft verschillende brandstofadditieven die ervoor zorgen dat uw motor in topconditie blijft. De toevoegingen verwijderen interne aanslag in de motor, stabiliseren onzuiverheden in bijvoorbeeld bio-brandstoffen en verminderen de uitstoot van de motor.


    BG has several additives that ensure that the engine is in top condition. The additives remove internal dirt and helps to stabilise the impurities in bio fuels. On top of that the exhaust fumes are lessened.