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    Flens bout M10x25 - RDM-1025VT
    • Article number: rdm-1025vt
     - 808-63-ZZZ-40
    Y-blade fitting for Orsi 23043 - 808-63-ZZZ-40
    • Article number: 808-63-zzz-40
     - 808-63-SPH-05R
    Blade, right fitting for Mc Connel 7770730 - 808-63-SPH-05R
    • Article number: 808-63-sph-05r
     - 808-633-SDO-06
    Trencher blade - 808-633-SDO-06
    • Article number: 808-633-sdo-06
     - 808-63-M-37-14
    Pruning hammer fitting for Agromec 3001095 - 808-63-M-37-14
    • Article number: 808-63-m-37-14
     - 808-IND-82R
    Share - right model fitting for Röll 310132 - 808-IND-82R
    • Article number: 808-ind-82r
     - 808-63-UNI-01
    All-purpose Y-blade fitting for Fischer 33449 - 808-63-UNI-01
    • Article number: 808-63-uni-01
     - 808-63-PRI-01-R
    Flail - right - 808-63-PRI-01-R
    • Article number: 808-63-pri-01-r
     - 808-63-CEL-26
    Straight blade fitting for Celli 702612 - 808-63-CEL-26
    • Article number: 808-63-cel-26
     - 808-63-MUL-51
    Flail fitting for Gilbers 901068 - 808-63-MUL-51
    • Article number: 808-63-mul-51
     - 808-63-SPI-04
    Y-blade - 808-63-SPI-04
    • Article number: 808-63-spi-04
     - 808-63-ZAP-09
    Straight blade - 808-63-ZAP-09
    • Article number: 808-63-zap-09
     - 808-63-AGC-13
    Y-blade - 808-63-AGC-13
    • Article number: 808-63-agc-13
     - 808-63-NOB-34
    Straight blade fitting for Nobili 20003 - 808-63-NOB-34
    • Article number: 808-63-nob-34
     - 808-IND-1578
    Knives fitting for Mc Connel 1900100 - 808-IND-1578
    • Article number: 808-ind-1578
     - 808-63-AGM-21
    Y-blade fitting for Agrimaster AG3000993 - 808-63-AGM-21
    • Article number: 808-63-agm-21
     - 808-63-RM-47
    Pruning hammer fitting for Ferri 0901048 - 808-63-RM-47
    • Article number: 808-63-rm-47
     - 808-63-HER-05
    Twisted blade - 808-63-HER-05
    • Article number: 808-63-her-05
     - 808-63-PRO-06
    Y-Blade fitting for Lipco 601854 - 808-63-PRO-06
    • Article number: 808-63-pro-06
     - 808-63-SMA-51
    Y-blade fitting for Noremat 103006 - 808-63-SMA-51
    • Article number: 808-63-sma-51
     - 808-633-SMA-075
    Trencher blade - 808-633-SMA-075
    • Article number: 808-633-sma-075
     - 808-63-ORS-11
    Straight blade - 808-63-ORS-11
    • Article number: 808-63-ors-11
     - 808-63-AGM-13
    L-blade fitting for Agrimaster 3001221 - 808-63-AGM-13
    • Article number: 808-63-agm-13
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    The flails of a flailmower are very good  at mowing harsh vegetation like high grass, bushes and reed. Besides vegetation the flails also come in contact with stones and sand. This will wear down your flails. Mowing is more difficult if you have blunt flails. You can sharpen the cutting edge of the flails, or you can attach new flails with sharp edges. This keeps the mowing result optimal.
    What also dictates the mowing result and the power of the flails is the form. Blades are sometimes attached to the end of chains or sometimes a flail in the form of a hammer is attached directly to the axle. Chains usually have small flails in the form of blades. The flails in the form of hammers are usually for the rougher jobs.
    If you have any questions concerning wear parts for flail mowers, contact the product specialists of RDM Parts.

    Carbide reinforcement

    The flails are often reïnfoced with carbide strips. These extra tough pieces of metal ensure that the cutting edge of the blade will last longer. This means that you don’t have to replace the flails as often. Thus it can save you money if you attach carbide reinforced flails.

    Attaching flails to the axle

    To attach flails to the flail axle or chain, you need fasteners. RDM Parts has a special page that shows the fastening materials for flails. Besides fastening materials it is important that you check if you buy the right flail. Not every flail fits every machine. RDM Parts gives you the option to filter the products on the basis of brand, length and width.