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Engine Oil filters

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     - R108-5194
    Oil Filter - Hyd - R108-5194
    • Article number: r108-5194
     - LF3716
    oil filter LF3716
    • Article number: LF3716
     - LF3489
    oil filter LF3489
    • Article number: LF3489
     - LF3896
    oil filter LF3896
    • Article number: LF3896
     - LF17524
    oil filter LF17524 - LF17524
    • Article number: lf17524
     - LF697
    oil filter LF697
    • Article number: LF697
     - LF3546
    oil filter LF3546
    • Article number: LF3546
     - LF17483
    oil filter LF17483
    • Article number: LF17483
     - LF17482
    oil filter LF17482
    • Article number: LF17482
    Olie filter - LF3660
    • Article number: LF3660
     - LF3438
    oil filter LF3438
    • Article number: LF3438
     - LF3977
    oil filter LF3977
    • Article number: LF3977
     - LF760
    oil filter LF760
    • Article number: LF760
     - LF735
    oil filter LF735
    • Article number: LF735
     - LF3371
    oil filter LF3371
    • Article number: LF3371
     - LF3368
    oil filter LF3368
    • Article number: LF3368
     - LF3349
    oil filter LF3349
    • Article number: LF3349
     - LF3350
    oil filter LF3350
    • Article number: LF3350
     - LF3517
    oil filter LF3517
    • Article number: LF3517
     - LF662
    oil filter LF662
    • Article number: LF662
     - LF16385
    oil filter LF16385 - LF16385
    • Article number: lf16385
     - LF788
    oil filter LF788
    • Article number: LF788
     - LF16351
    oil filter LF16351
    • Article number: LF16351
     - LF585
    oil filter LF585
    • Article number: LF585
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    Motor oil filters

    A Professional mowing machine encounters some wear and tear during its operational time. Take, for instance, all the grass and dirt particles that it has to deal with on a daily basis. These miniscule parts have an enormous impact on the way the machine operates. That’s why it is so important to regularly change the filters of your machine. You prevent damaging materials from reaching the vital parts of the machine.

    Motor oil filters

    The residue that forms during combustion is eventually extracted by the motor oil. In this oil a soot concentrate is slowly building up. The oil filter cleans the oil from this soot and other impurities. In that way the engine only comes into touch with clean oil that cleans the engine.

    Regularly exchange your motor oil filters

    If made correctly, a good maintenance schedule states when to replace the filters. Usually this is measured in the amount of hours the machine has worked. Every type of filter and machine is different. Our product specialists will gladly help you with advice concerning the replacement of filters and the making of a maintenance schedule for your machinery. An old filter can negatively impact your machines.