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     - RDM-AS150183
    Safety Grip Tape 150mm x18,3m - RDM-AS150183
    • Article number: RDM-AS150183
     - RDM-AS200635
    Safety Grip Tape 200mm x 635mm - RDM-AS200635
    • Article number: RDM-AS200635


    Anti slip tape can be used to make slippery surfaces safer. The tape is applied to machines, for instance on the steps or pedals and other stepping places on the machine. Applying the tape is easy. It also has other applications in the workshop or stairs of storehouses. RDM Parts has multiple tapes in its assortment for inside use and outside use.

    The tape has a sticky side that lasts long when it is applied correctly. The other side of the tape has grid that make the surface rough and give more adhesion when standing on it. The tape is available in multiple colors and sizes.
    Applying the tape is easily done by removing the protective sheet from the sticky side. This side should be evenly applied to the slippery service. Avoid air bubbles during the application of the tape, since this could lead to the tape setting of. The use of a tool with a straight side could help prevent air bubbles.