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Backlapping Paste

Backlapping compound for lapping your reelmower unit.

16 results
Grit number:
 - R925080
Backlap pasta 12.5KG 80 grit citrus - R925080
  • Article number: R925080
 - R910080
Backlap pasta 5KG 80 grit citrus - R910080
  • Article number: R910080
 - R910050
Backlappasta 5KG 50 grit citrus - R910050
  • Article number: R910050
 - R925220
Backlap pasta 12.5kg 220 grit citrus - R925220
  • Article number: R925220
 - R910220
Backlap pasta 5KG 220 grit citrus - R910220
  • Article number: R910220
 - R925180
Slijppasta 180 grit citrus - R925180
  • Article number: R925180
 - R267
Back lapping machine - 115/230 v - R267
  • Article number: R267
 - R910180
Backlappasta 5KG 180 grit citrus - R910180
  • Article number: R910180
 - R925050
Backlap pasta 12.5KG 50 grit citrus - R925050
  • Article number: R925050
 - R910100
Emmer backlapasta 5KG - 100 grit citrus - R910100
  • Article number: R910100
 - R36-4310
BRUSH - LAPPING - R36-4310
  • Article number: R36-4310
 - R910120
Backlap paste 5KG 120 grit citrus - R910120
  • Article number: R910120
 - R29-9100
Kwast backlappen - R29-9100
  • Article number: R29-9100
 - R925100
Backlap pasta 12.5KG 100 grit citrus - R925100
  • Article number: R925100
 - R925120
Lapping pasta grit 120 - R925120
  • Article number: R925120
Pallet lappasta - LAPPALLET
  • Article number: lappallet

The backlap paste from RDM Parts is ready to be used. What characterises our mixture is the use of citrusgel and grit. The additive of citrusgel ensures that the paste sticks to the rotating reel optimally.

Backlapping is done by rotating your reels backwards. The grinding paste is applied with a brush on the reel. This sharpens the reel and the bedknife and ensures an optimal condition of both for the job at hand.

What grit do you need?

Grit 50 - a really blunt reel that is used for public green spaces and sports piches reels.Grit 80 - Public green and sports pitches reelsGrit 100 Sports pitches and fairway reelsGrit 120 Fairway, tee and Greens reelsGrit 180 Greens reelsGrit 220 Greens reels


Backlapping paste

Are you looking for a backlapping paste of excellent quality to give your reelmower a durable backlapping? At RDM Parts you ar at the right place. We ensure a favorable price and fast delivery times. Request an offer in combination with our other products or order the backlape paste easily and fast online. You can use our ready paste as soon as it arrives.



Ordering backlapping paste

Order backlapping paste for you reelmower online so you can make optimal use of it. Do you want to sharpen the reel to make optimal use of your reelmower for your garden park or golfcourse? With backlapping you ensure that you can do the sharpening of the reels yourself. Make use of our mixture of citrusgel and grit that sticks optimally to a rotating reel.

Backlapping paste with citrusgel en grit

Browse through our products and find the right amount for your specific needs. Use our paste to backlap your reelmower and benefit from the ideal mixture of citrusgel and grit. This ensures that the backlapping compound functions optimally. Do you want to order the backlapping compound directly online or do you want to know more about the price and good quality of the products. request an offer or contact our costumer support for more information about the products that we offer.