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Flails accessories

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    Schroefdraad lengte - bev mat.:
    Schroefdraad soort:
    Suitable for brand:
    Sleutelwijdte bev. materiaal:
    Total length:
     - 808-63-VIG-901
    Washer - 808-63-VIG-901
    • Article number: 808-63-vig-901
     - 808-63-1280
    Bolt with self-locking nut - M12x1,75 - 8.8 - 808-63-1280
    • Article number: 808-63-1280
     - 808-63-SPH-93
    Shackle - 808-63-SPH-93
    • Article number: 808-63-sph-93
     - 808-63-1277
    Bolt with self-locking nut - M12x1,75 - 10.9 - 808-63-1277
    • Article number: 808-63-1277
     - 808-63-JDE-900
    Bush - 808-63-JDE-900
    • Article number: 808-63-jde-900
     - 808-63-AS-08
    Blade bolt - 808-63-AS-08
    • Article number: 808-63-as-08
     - 808-63-SMA-71
    Shackle - 808-63-SMA-71
    • Article number: 808-63-sma-71
     - 808-63-1280-2
    Bolt - M12x1,5 - 10.9 - 808-63-1280-2
    • Article number: 808-63-1280-2
     - 808-63-SOV-51
    Y-blade - 808-63-SOV-51
    • Article number: 808-63-sov-51
     - 808-63-12100-1
    Bolt with self-locking nut - M12x1,75 - 10.9 - 808-63-12100-1
    • Article number: 808-63-12100-1
     - 808-63-GLB-900
    Bolt - 10.9 - 808-63-GLB-900
    • Article number: 808-63-glb-900
     - 808-63-FEI-18
    Bush - 808-63-FEI-18
    • Article number: 808-63-fei-18
     - 808-63-YYY-72
    Shackle - 808-63-YYY-72
    • Article number: 808-63-yyy-72
     - 808-63-JOS-93
    Blade bolt - 808-63-JOS-93
    • Article number: 808-63-jos-93
     - 808-63-BRN-902
    Bolt with self-locking nut - M14x2 - 10.9 - 808-63-BRN-902
    • Article number: 808-63-brn-902
     - 808-63-AS-12
    Washer - Ø18x1,5xØ12 - 808-63-AS-12
    • Article number: 808-63-as-12
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    Flails endure a lot of stress when they are thrown around in the flail mower. Thus they need to be fastened secure. You need these fasteners for the flailmower to properly attach your wear parts. Take a good look to the thread, the width and the length of your attachment materials because this can be different for every mach

    Flails and accessories for your klepels toebehoren machine

    RDM Pars has wearing parts that fit your klepels toebehoren rotary tiller. If you replace the wearing parts of your machine in time, you are guaranteed of optimal performance. If your Flails are dull, they will perform less and this will lead to more use of gas or defects to your machine. Find and replace worn parts in time by looking them up in the parts book of your klepels toebehoren machine

    Attach Flails

    To mount the flails on the flail axle or chain you need some accessories. The length and width of your flail determines if it will fit the machine. Choosing the right flail is adamant to prevent defects. RDM Parts provides the ability to filter on brand, length, width and thickness.

    ine. You can filter our products on the basis of size. On our product pages you can see which products can be replaced by our RDM products. If you have any questions about attaching flails, please feel free to contact our product specialists.