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Cup pullers

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     - RP33201
    Cup Puller - Haak - RP33201
    • Article number: RP33201
     - RP7303
    Cam Cup Puller - 30" - RP7303
    • Article number: rp7303
     - RP950
    Cleaner - Cup Hole - RP950
    • Article number: RP950
     - RP7304
    Cup Puller - RP7304
    • Article number: RP7304
     - RP1032
    Cup Puller - RP1032
    • Article number: RP1032
     - RP33200
    Cup Puller - Haak - RP33200
    • Article number: RP33200
     - RP7305
    Hole Cups - Mand - RP7305
    • Article number: rp7305

    Cup pullers

    Getting a putting cup out of the hole is made easy with the use of a cup puller. This rod with a hook or other mechanism to attach the cup has a handle on the top so you can conveniently pull the cup from the hole.

    Hole cup sets

    A complete set of tools that simplifies the maintenance to holes. The set consists of white paint to accentuate the hole, a hole cutter to make and replace the hole plug, a hole cup to strengthen the edge of the hole, a hole cup cleaner to clean the hole and a cup puller to remove the cup.

    Hole cup basket

    How do you neatly store and clean those hole cups? Use a cup basket. The open mesh structure of the basket allows you to rinse the cups in no time. Besides that, the basket stores multiple cups so you can easily carry them.

    Cup hole cleaners

    With a cup hole cleaner you clean the hole before placing the hole cup. After rain, aeration or mowing of the green, dirt can clog the hole. Operating the hole cleaner is simple. You place the cleaner in the cup and push the rod down. This ensures the edges are neat and the sand is compact again.