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Hollow tines

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    Mounting diameter:
    Working depth:
     - R523472
    TINE - HOLLOW 1/2 X 3/4MT X 5-1/2L - R523472
    • Article number: R523472
     - R201512
    TINE - HOLLOW CARBIDE.5 X 4.75X.072 - R201512
    • Article number: R201512
     - RDM-1912134-2
    RDM-Toro Hollow Tine hardened, Working-Ø 5/8 - RDM-1912134-2
    • Article number: RDM-1912134-2
     - R108-9136
    TINE - HOLLOW ALLOY .400 X 6.5 X .058 - R108-9136
    • Article number: R108-9136
     - R108-9129
    TINE - HOLLOW ALLOY .400 X 4.75 X .058 - R108-9129
    • Article number: R108-9129
     - R108-9134
    Tine - hollow alloy .500 x 5.75 x .058 - R108-9134
    • Article number: R108-9134
     - R201445
    TINE - H CARBIDE .270 X 5.5X.072 - R201445
    • Article number: R201445
     - R59-3680
    Tine - hollow 1/2 - R59-3680
    • Article number: R59-3680
     - RDM-1912130
    RDM-Toro Hollow Tine hardened, Working-Ø 1/2 - RDM-1912130
    • Article number: RDM-1912130
     - R5003535
    TINE - HOLLOW 5/8 X 3/4MT X 7L - R5003535
    • Article number: R5003535
     - R201508
    TINE - H CARBIDE .270 X 4.75X.072 - R201508
    • Article number: R201508
     - R201584
    TINE - HOLLOW ALLOY HD 5/8 X 4 1/2 - R201584
    • Article number: R201584
     - R523275
    TINE - HOLLOW 3/8 X 5/8MT X 5-1/2L - R523275
    • Article number: R523275
     - R108-9128
    TINE - HOLLOW ALLOY .300 X 4.75 X .058 - R108-9128
    • Article number: R108-9128
     - R201514
    TINE - H CARBIDE .350 X 6.5X.072 - R201514
    • Article number: R201514
     - R201650
    distance bus R201650
    • Article number: R201650
     - RDM-1912134
    RDM-Toro Hollow Tine hardened, Working-Ø 5/8 - RDM-1912134
    • Article number: RDM-1912134
     - R201589
    TINE - HOLLOW ALLOY 5/8X5.5X.072 - R201589
    • Article number: R201589
     - R201447
    TINE - H CARBIDE .350 X 5.5X.072 - R201447
    • Article number: R201447
     - R108-9130
    Tine - hollow alloy .500 x 4.75 x .058 - R108-9130
    • Article number: R108-9130
     - R201658
    TINE - HOLLOW ALLOY .400 X 6.5 X .072 - R201658
    • Article number: R201658
     - R201587
    TINE - HOLLOW ALLOY 5/8 X 3/4 X 5-1 - R201587
    • Article number: R201587
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    Hollow Tines

    Hollow tines that fit your Vertidrain, Wiedemann, Jacobsen, Toro, John Deere, Ryan and Terra machinery.

    Are you looking for hollow tines for your machine to aerate the park, lawn, garden, pitch or golf course? Use our universal hollow tines. We ensure you can order the aeration tines as favorable as possible. You can look through the parts online and compare them. Are you having a hard time to find that exact tines you are looking for? Feel free to contact the costumerservice.

    Ordering Hollow Tines.

    Do you want a certain type of hollow tine. Tell us the machine you use to aerate your lawn and we will directly assist you with choosing the right hollow tine. the universal hollow tines are of excellent quality. You can order the tines for the greens, fairway, or large lawns. You can aerate the grass optimally with a hollow tine. These are easily ordered online and send with UPS.

    Aerating grass with hollow tines

    Do you want to aerate with the use of hollow tines. Are you looking for quality for a favorable price? With RDM Parts you are at the right place. We make sure that you can save on the cost of aeration, without losing the right quality. Do you need support with ordering hollow tines or do you already know what you need? We hope to hear from you to make you an offer or help you order the right hollow tines.