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    Outside diameter

    Outside diameter:
     - R700625
    WHEEL - GRINDING 6 X 3/4 - R700625
    • Article number: R700625
     - R700630
    WHEEL - GRINDING 6 X 1 RECESS - R700630
    • Article number: R700630
     - R700610
    WHEEL - GRINDING 6 X 1/2 - R700610
    • Article number: R700610
     - R11310
    • Article number: R11310
     - R3700088
    WHEEL - GRINDING 3.5 X .375 X .5 - R3700088
    • Article number: R3700088
     - R300321
    Hole Cutter - Sharpener - R300321
    • Article number: R300321
     - R700641
    WHEEL - GRINDING FLARED CUP 6 X 4-1 - R700641
    • Article number: R700641
     - R3700089
    WHEEL - GRINDING 5 X 1 X .5 - R3700089
    • Article number: R3700089
     - R4710
    Stone - grinding medium grit - R4710
    • Article number: R4710
     - R700631
    WHEEL - GRINDING 6 X 2 RECESS - R700631
    • Article number: R700631
     - R3700087
    WHEEL - GRINDING 4.5 X .375 X .5 - R3700087
    • Article number: R3700087
     - R700645
    WHEEL - GRINDING CUP 6 X 3 - R700645
    • Article number: R700645
     - R700618
    WHEEL - GRINDING 6 X 3/8 X 1 5/8 - R700618
    • Article number: R700618
     - R700615
    WHEEL - GRINDING 6 X 5/8 X 1 HOLE - R700615
    • Article number: R700615
     - R300312
    Schuurband - Sharpener Hole Cutter - R300312
    • Article number: R300312
     - R700650
    • Article number: R700650
     - R4711
    • Article number: R4711
     - R700635
    Wheel - grinding 6 x 1.5 x 2.75 - R700635
    • Article number: R700635
     - R700609
    WHEEL - GRINDING 6 X 3/8 - R700609
    • Article number: R700609
     - R11320
    Dresser cutters - to fit no. 1 - R11320
    • Article number: R11320
     - MMM22399
    Grinding disc 50MM grit 50 - MMM22399
    • Article number: MMM22399
     - MMM22398
    Grinding disc 50MM grit 80 - MMM22398
    • Article number: MMM22398
     - A11858
    tone Bernhard - A11858
    • Article number: a11858

    RDM Parts offers a wide range of grindstones for your reels, bedknives and grinders. The grindstones fit Neary, Foley, Bernhard and Pearless.


    Are you looking for grindstones for your reelmower to sharpen your bedknife and make optimal use of your mower? At RDM Parts you can find a wide range of grindstones so you can use your reelmower like you are used to. Use the grindstones for the reel and bedknifes. They fit the Neary, Foley, Bernhard and Pearless grinders. Need assistance in finding the right grindstone for your purpose? Feel free to contact the specialists at our costumer support. They will gladly tell you more about the product and applications.

    Order grindstones for your reelmower

    You can order grindstones for your reelmowers online. We make sure to send the order as fast as possible. With our parts you are always guaranteed to pay a favorable price whilst not compromising the quality of the product. You can use the grindstones for your reels and bedknives. This ensures that you have your reelmower back in functioning order in no time. A simple solution to make your mower function like you are used to. Browse through our grindstones and make sure to check if you have the right grindstone for your machine.

    Sharpening the reel by yourself

    You can use the grindstones in combination with the grinder of the known brands to sharpen the reel and bedknife by yourself. Do you want to ensure a durable, but affordable solution for the sharpening of the reel? With the grindstones you can do the maintenance yourself resulting in a maximum saving on the costs. You benefit from our cheap prices products of an excellent quality.