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Static spiker

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    SPIKER - MINI - R2107
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    Static Seed Slotter - RP7423
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    Rotary Hand Spiker - RP7420
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    Static Spiker - RP7421
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    Static spikers

    Like many other golf tools, the static spiker is made to optimise the condition of the playing field. Greens can have spots with damaged grass or less growth. The basis for this damage is often a compacted soil or a patch of shadow. Repairing is done by seeding in a process that is called overseeding. Overseeding can be quite expensive when the soil is not properly prepared. If there is only a small damaged spot it is not necessary to aerate the whole green. A static spiker does this best on a small damaged spot. It will prevent soil compaction and ensures that grass seeds, air, nutrients and water will better reach the roots of the grass plant. It will help save on seeds because the better conditions will allow more seeds to become seedlings.

    Static spiker varieties

    A static spicer or seed slotter comes in many shapes and sizes. There is a roll that can be used on a green. There are also static spikers without a roll. On this model the spikes are placed on a plate which can be pressed into the ground with the foot. A seed slotter is almost the same as a static spiker. The spikes are not as long so it can make shallow holes where seeds can be sown.