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Flag sticks

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    Color stripe:
    Total length:
    Outside diameter:
     - RP700WH
    Vlaggenstok - Wit - RP700WH
    • Article number: RP700WH
     - RP702YL-BK
    Vlaggen Stok - Geel met zwarte streep - RP702YL-BK
    • Article number: RP702YL-BK
     - RP802BK-WH
    Vlaggen Stok - Zwart met witte strepen - RP802BK-WH
    • Article number: RP802BK-WH
     - RP803BK-RD
    Vlaggen Stok - Zwart met rode strepen - RP803BK-RD
    • Article number: RP803BK-RD
     - R317A
    FERRULE - R317A
    • Article number: R317A
     - RP801RD-BK
    Vlaggen stok - Rood met zwarte streep - RP801RD-BK
    • Article number: RP801RD-BK
     - RP700BK
    Vlaggen stok - Zwart - RP700BK
    • Article number: RP700BK
     - RP701RD-BL
    Vlaggen Stok - Rood met blauwe streep - RP701RD-BL
    • Article number: RP701RD-BL
     - RP801WH-BL
    Vlaggen Stok - Wit met Blauwe streep - RP801WH-BL
    • Article number: RP801WH-BL
     - RP701YL-RD
    Vlaggen Stok - Geel met rode streep - RP701YL-RD
    • Article number: RP701YL-RD
     - RP803YL-RD
    Vlaggen Stok - Geel met rode strepen - RP803YL-RD
    • Article number: RP803YL-RD
     - RP703YL-BK
    Vlaggen Stok - Geel met Zwarte strepen - RP703YL-BK
    • Article number: RP703YL-BK
     - RP803WH-RD
    Vlaggen Stok - Wit met rode strepen - RP803WH-RD
    • Article number: RP803WH-RD
     - RP801YL-SV
    Vlaggen Stok - Geel met Zilveren streep - RP801YL-SV
    • Article number: RP801YL-SV
     - RP701WH-YL
    Vlaggen Stok - Wit met gele stok - RP701WH-YL
    • Article number: RP701WH-YL
     - RP803YL-BK
    Vlaggen Stok - Geel met zwarte strepen - RP803YL-BK
    • Article number: RP803YL-BK
     - RP803BK-YL
    Vlaggen Stok - Zwart met gele strepen - RP803BK-YL
    • Article number: RP803BK-YL
     - RP802BK-RD
    Vlaggen Stok - Zwart met rode strepen - RP802BK-RD
    • Article number: RP802BK-RD
     - RP703RD-BL
    Vlaggen Stok - Rood met blauwe strepen - RP703RD-BL
    • Article number: RP703RD-BL
     - RP700RD
    Vlaggen Stok - Rood - RP700RD
    • Article number: RP700RD
     - RP701RD-BK
    Vlaggen Stok - Rood met zwarte streep - RP701RD-BK
    • Article number: RP701RD-BK
     - RP801WH-BK
    Vlaggen Stok - Wit met Zwarte streep - RP801WH-BK
    • Article number: RP801WH-BK
     - RP703WH-BK
    Vlaggen Stok - Wit met zwarte strepen - RP703WH-BK
    • Article number: RP703WH-BK
     - RP701YL-BK
    Vlaggen Stok - Geel met zwarte streep - RP701YL-BK
    • Article number: RP701YL-BK
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    Flag poles

    It seems so simple, a flag on a pole, but flagpoles from RDM Parts are a little more than a simple stick. For instance, they are flexible, which is convenient because else they would break when there are strong winds or when the pole is given a clumsy tug. This flexibility is created by the glass fiver. A light but very strong and flexible plastic. This plastic also makes the poles float. Handy when a flag ends up in the water by accident.

    A special coating makes them UV resistant. This keeps the colour from changing. The flag poles are available in multiple colours. Accentuated with strips or even coloured.

    The flag is of course the most important part of the flag pole because it sings where the hole is positioned. To place it exactly in the right place, an aluminium foot can be ordered that is placed inside the hole cup. The flagpole can be placed or removed in this foot easily. Convenient for when it is time to putt the ball. The flag end of the pole can also be replaced with a simple turn of the hand.