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Parts for Amazone machinery

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     - RED117004MRAR6PR
    11x7.00-4 Redwing Multi Rib RX Aramid 6PR TL tyr - RED117004MRAR6PR
    • Article number: red117004mrar6pr
     - RDM-994123
    Wing-knife - right model - 994123 - RDM-994123
    • Article number: rdm-994123
     - RDM-6530363H
    RDM-Amazone Grasshopper – Verticut Blade - RDM-6530363H
    • Article number: RDM-6530363H
     - RDM-990750
    Flail short (per pair) - 990750 - RDM-990750
    • Article number: RDM-990750
     - RDM-EH199
    Vsnaar - RDM-EH199
    • Article number: rdm-eh199
     - RDM-994124
    Wing-knife - left model - 994124 - RDM-994124
    • Article number: rdm-994124
     - RED166508TU
    16x6.50-8 Redwing Turf 24 4PR tyr - RED166508TU
    • Article number: red166508tu
     - RDM-1205200
    Y knife sharpened - 1205200 - RDM-1205200
    • Article number: RDM-1205200
     - RED201010
    20x10.00-10 Redwing Turf 24 RX Aramid 6PR tyr - RED201010
    • Article number: red201010
     - RDM-835600
    Verti flail 3MM - 835600 - RDM-835600
    • Article number: RDM-835600
     - RED166508
    16x6.50-8 Redwing Turf 24 RX Aramid 6PR tyr - RED166508
    • Article number: red166508
     - RED117004MR4PR
    11x7.00-4 Redwing Multi Rib 4PR TL tyr - RED117004MR4PR
    • Article number: red117004mr4pr
     - RED166508TU6PR
    16x6.50-8 Redwing Turf 24 6PR tyr - RED166508TU6PR
    • Article number: red166508tu6pr
     - RED20100010TU4PR
    20x10.00-10 Redwing Turf 24 4PR tyr - RED20100010TU4PR
    • Article number: red20100010tu4pr
     - RED20100010TU6PR
    20x10.00-10 Redwing Turf 24 6PR tyr - RED20100010TU6PR
    • Article number: red20100010tu6pr
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    Parts for Amazone mowers

    RDM Parts has several parts that fit the mowing machines from Amazone. The assortment of this mower brand consists mostly of flailmowers. The system that collects the grass in a big container on the back of the machine is what makes the mowers unique. Flailmowers are known for their versatility. They are able to do the rougher and finer jobs. The Amazon mower is also used to collect leafs and to scarify the grass.

    The wearing parts of the Amazone flail mowers are the first parts to be replaced. Flailmowers have flails that are usually strengthened with a carbide tip. When it comes into contact with ground, stones, twigs and grass the flails eventually wear down. RDM Parts has several types of flails in stock.


    The profihopper is the mower that Amazone has built for public green spaces, parks and sport pitches. With a mowing width of 125 centimetres it comes up a bit short in comparison with mowers from other types. However, for a flail mower this is quite a common width. The collecting system has a power compacter that ensures the grass is collected. It is transported with a conveyor to a 750 liter container on the back of the machine.

    Wing blade

    This blade with wings has a level cutting blade to cut the grass. This cuts the grass and results in a level cut. Wing blades are therefore more suitable for the finer jobs instead of the more rough jobs. Wing blades are easily attached to the rotating axle without the need for tools.

    Y blade

    A Y blade is a more rough blade shaped like a Y. The result it less fine than the wing blade. It is still a blade that is perfectly suitable for rougher jobs. Like wing blades they are easily attached and replaced without any tools involved.

    Verti flail

    The verti flail is used for scarifying. These flails make the machine a very multifunctional one. The verticutting removes the layer of spongy dead material that forms between the grass. This frees the way for nutrients and water to reach the soil and the roots of the grass.