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Parts that fit your Ferris machinery

RDM Parts has a broad range of favorably prices parts for theFerris mower. If your machine needs maintenance or repairs, our specialist can check the parts manual with you to see with what parts we can help you.

Icd cutting system

Special techniques are build into the mowing decks of Ferris that should result in a better cutting result. The inclined edges on the frontside of the mowing deck make sure the grass gets more time to raise up. This allows the mowing blades to cut the grass evenly. Besides that, the inclined edge makes sure the grass is not discharged at the front side of the deck. The mowers have a widened exit that makes sure the cut grass can exit the deck easily. The side discharge decks come with a striping kit.

Ferris Zero Turn Mowers


Ferris distincts itself from others by their innovative design that is focussed on ergonomics. The red mowers come in several types and sizes dependent on the goal that the user has in mind. Ferris has a broad collection with walking mowers, zero turn mowers, and stand on mowers.

You can see the focus on ergonomics by the way the suspension is is mounted to the machine. The springs on the decks, are patented. With this ergonomic innovation, Ferris wants to improve the productivity of the machine. The driver is able to mow an extended time on a comfortable machine. This is seen in the acres per hour that the machine is able to mow. Alongside of the comfortable ride, the springs also make sure that the mower will follow the contours of the terrain as optimal as possible. This makes sure that uneven terrains also have beautiful finish.