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Ferris IS2500 zero turn mower parts

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     - RDM-5061095
    Spindle Assembly - RDM-5061095
    • Article number: rdm-5061095
     - RDM-G12-1
    Brandstoffilter - RDM-G12-1
    • Article number: RDM-G12-1
     - RDM-1714760
    Deck Roller - RDM-1714760
    • Article number: rdm-1714760
     - RDM-5020842M
    Ferris Blade Mulch - RDM-5020842M
    • Article number: RDM-5020842M
     - RDM-5022180
    PTO Switch - RDM-5022180
    • Article number: rdm-5022180
     - RDM-109-9127
    Wheel 13x500x6 - RDM-109-9127
    • Article number: rdm-109-9127
     - RDM-5102678
    Pulley - RDM-5102678
    • Article number: rdm-5102678
     - RDM-5020842
    FERRIS BLADE 21"X 5/8" - RDM-5020842
    • Article number: RDM-5020842
     - R400614
    BOLT - HEX HD 5/8-11 X 1-3/4 - R400614
    • Article number: R400614
     - R500596
    • Article number: R500596
     - RDM-5100993
    Spindle ASM - RDM-5100993
    • Article number: rdm-5100993
     - RDM-5103800
    Flat idler Pulley 1/2 x 6-3/4 - RDM-5103800
    • Article number: rdm-5103800
     - RDM-5022061
    BELT 5/8" X 176" FERRIS TORO - RDM-5022061
    • Article number: RDM-5022061
     - RDM-5022631SX3
    Front seal Wheel Bearing - RDM-5022631SX3
    • Article number: rdm-5022631sx3
     - 5025320X14
    Blade Bolt - 5025320X14
    • Article number: 5025320X14
     - FF5259
    Brandstof filter - FF5259
    • Article number: FF5259
    Lucht filter - AF25551
    • Article number: AF25551
     - AF25552
    Lucht filter - AF25552
    • Article number: AF25552
     - LF3335
    Olie filter - LF3335
    • Article number: LF3335
     - LF3692
    Olie filter - LF3692
    • Article number: LF3692

    Ferris IS 2500 zero turn rotary mower parts

    The IS 2500 is with its diesel engine and size clearly a professional zero turn mower. Whilst it is a bit bigger than the starter model of Ferris, this mower is also built to reach the tight spaces around the garden. An additional advantage is that the size gives it a lot more capacity. Still the model differs a bit from the IS 2600. The mowing deck of the 2500 has a side discharge. Also the tyres are smaller and the transport speed is slower. The total width measures 138 centimetres. The capacity of the machine comes down to 2,23 hectares per hour.

    Maintaining the IS 2500

    Daily use wears down the mowing blades and other parts of the Ferris rotary mower. It is important to have a set of mower blades and other wear parts on the shelf. We always have parts readily available for the IS 2500. With regard to the mower blades, you have a choice between standard mowing blades and mulching blades. We advise the latter when you want the grass to serve as nutrients for the remaining grass plant. Mulching blades cut the flint of grass in smaller pieces. A parts manual or maintenance schedule helps to see what parts you need for your IS 2500. When you are not able to find the parts you are looking for, please feel free to contact our product specialists.