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Ferris IS2000 zero turn mower parts

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     - RDM-5022631SX3
    Front seal Wheel Bearing - RDM-5022631SX3
    • Article number: rdm-5022631sx3
     - RDM-5022061
    BELT 5/8" X 176" FERRIS TORO - RDM-5022061
    • Article number: RDM-5022061
     - RDM-5103800
    Flat idler Pulley 1/2 x 6-3/4 - RDM-5103800
    • Article number: rdm-5103800
     - RDM-5100993
    Spindle ASM - RDM-5100993
    • Article number: rdm-5100993
     - RDM-5102678
    Pulley - RDM-5102678
    • Article number: rdm-5102678
     - RDM-109-9127
    Wheel 13x500x6 - RDM-109-9127
    • Article number: rdm-109-9127
     - RDM-G12-1
    Brandstoffilter - RDM-G12-1
    • Article number: RDM-G12-1
     - RDM-798897
    Airfilter - RDM-798897
    • Article number: rdm-798897
     - RDM-5061095
    Spindle Assembly - RDM-5061095
    • Article number: rdm-5061095
     - AF25552
    Lucht filter - AF25552
    • Article number: AF25552
    Lucht filter - AF25551
    • Article number: AF25551
     - 5025320X14
    Blade Bolt - 5025320X14
    • Article number: 5025320X14

    Ferris IS 2000 zero turn rotary mower parts

    In the zero turn mowers series of Ferris, the IS 2000 is a middle class machine. This gives it the best of two world. It is agile and has a compact form factor. At the same time it is made with a large mowing capacity in mind. On the other hand a middleclass machine is not the best in anything but a generalist when it comes to specifications. This makes it very suitable for large gardens or parks. Because it can reach all the tight spaces with its 155 centimetre mowing deck.

    Maintenance for the IS 2000

    The conditions that mower have to cope with are not ideal for the mechanics or the machine itself. The mowing blades, for instance does not only come into contact with grass, but also with leaves, twigs and stones that lie around on the grass. These objects can damage the mowing blades and machine. The mowing blade gets blunt by coming into contact with these object. To get the same mowing result, the mowing blades are to be replaced regularly. RDM parts has several options, like mulching blades that fit the IS 2000. The remaining maintenance is done best with an maintenance schedule in mind. This schedule states when a part needs to be replaced. A good schedule ensures a longer lasting machine this saves you a lot when it comes to the costs.