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    klepelmessen and accessories for your Nicolas machine

    Nicolas wearing parts that fit your machinery from RDM Parts. If you replace the wearing parts of your machine in time, you are guaranteed of optimal performance. Dulling of your klepelmessen is caused by the contact with soil and stones. Find and replace worn parts in time by looking them up in the parts book of your Nicolas machine

    attach klepelmessen to your Nicolas machinery

    Alternating the blades of the rotary tiller ensures optimal processing of the soil. Half of the blades turns left and half turns right. Ensure you attach the blade with the cutting surface on the right side. Check if the blade turns right or left when you replace the blade.

    The shape of your Nicolas tiller blades

    The force that is needed to power your Nicolas rotary tiller is determined by the shape of the blade and the extend of processing you want to do to the soil. A C shaped blade needs less power to tiller than a L shaped blade. A C shaped blade is often used at tiller depts that exceed 5 centimetres.

    The perpendicular L shaped tiller blade from Nicolas needs more power from the machine. This is the original tiller blade model. If the tiller depth is less than 5 centimetres than the L shape occurs more often.

    Nicolas tiller blade sizes

    To find the right parts for your Nicolas machinery you can use the convenient filters at the top of the page. There are a couple of factors that determine if the blade fits, like: the distance between the connection holes and the width of the blade. The length of the blade is decisive for the tilling dept and the power that your machine demands.