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RDM Parts Straight blade fitting for Ferri 0901019 - 808-63-FEI-09

RDM Parts Straight blade fitting for Ferri 0901019 - 808-63-FEI-09

Technical details

Article number 808-63-FEI-09
Brand RDM Parts

Replace original number

Ferri 0901019

Technical details

Bolt hole diameter 25.5
Suitable for brand Ferri
Material Tickness 8
Standard delivery, 1-2 workdays
Express delivery, in 24 hours
Discount, for companies
Favorable, prices

Product description

Product description

0901019 y blades for ferri machines

Y blades are mostly used for less intensive mowing jobs with a flail mower. RDM Parts has several alternatives for the original with 0901019 from ferri in the form of 808-63-FEI-09.

Mounting 808-63-FEI-09 y blades

Y blades are mounted on shackles on the flail mower. The 0901019 y blades and our alternative 808-63-FEI-09 is often attached in pairs to a series of shackles or a chain. This ensures a larger range. The chain is mounted to an assembly point on a rotating roll in the mowing deck.

The difference between y-blades and flails

An y blade is better suited for lighter mowing jobs when compared to a flail. Both options give a nice mowing result. But a flail is bigger and is thus better suited for mowing other thick plants like bushes. At the same time a flail can also damage a tree, whilst this is harder with a y blade. Which one is better for you depends on the kind of mowing job you have in mind.

Specifications of the 0901019 and the 808-63-FEI-09

The original part for Straight blade fitting for Ferri 0901019 has a comparable length as our fitting original with number 808-63-FEI-09. The length of the part is 250 millimeter and this makes it a fitting alternative for the original. The width of the 808-63-FEI-09 is equal to the original. The width measures 60 millimeter. The thicker a product is the more it can handle in terms of stress, can be taken as a general rule of thumb. The Straight blade fitting for Ferri 0901019 with part number 808-63-FEI-09 has a thickness of 8 millimeter. Since this is equal to the parts of RDM Parts, the 808-63-FEI-09 fits as an alternative for the original. The mounting holes of the 808-63-FEI-09 have a diameter of 25,5 millimeter. The mounting holes help to make a connection between the part and the machine. For some parts there are multiple mounting holes to mount the part.

On what machines does the 808-63-FEI-09 fit?

Comparable to the original with number 0901019 the 808-63-FEI-09 fits for the machines of ferri. The 808-63-FEI-09 is fitting for these parts: Ferri 0901019.

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