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Turfco parts

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     - RDM-665873
    Vane spinner fits for Turfco 1540 - RDM-665873
    • Article number: rdm-665873
     - R190653
    SCREW - NYLOC - R190653
    • Article number: R190653
     - RDM-T661460
    Hydrolic motor - RDM-T661460
    • Article number: rdm-t661460
     - RDM-662912
    Vane spinner RH - RDM-662912
    • Article number: rdm-662912
     - RDM-662913
    Vane spinner LH - RDM-662913
    • Article number: rdm-662913
     - RDM-665872
    Vane spinner fits for Turfco 1540 RH - RDM-665872
    • Article number: rdm-665872
    bearing, roller cone,1-1/16 id - T669745
    • Article number: t669745
    weldment, linkage - T668173
    • Article number: t668173
    brake line, 3/16 x 30", steel - T657715
    • Article number: t657715
    clevis steering/22-2122-10 - T667439
    • Article number: t667439
    screw, mach, 10-24 x 3/4 - T499335
    • Article number: t499335
    strap, ratchet, 1" x 8 ft. - T671177
    • Article number: t671177
    dirt shield, rear - T668582
    • Article number: t668582
    pin, operator platform stop - T670309
    • Article number: t670309
    ball stud, 5/16 in - T668785
    • Article number: t668785
    screw, cap, flange - T300117
    • Article number: t300117
    screw, cap, shcs, 1/4-20 x - T664492
    • Article number: t664492
    cable tie, 5/16 x 29 3/4 - T660262
    • Article number: t660262
    tube, clear vinyl, braided,56" - T668771
    • Article number: t668771
    shim, ecc bar, (.001 tk) - T650365
    • Article number: t650365
    assembly, inspection panel - T668530
    • Article number: t668530
    seal, conveyor side - T664475
    • Article number: t664475
    bracket, spray wand holder - T667645
    • Article number: t667645
    pulley, qd, 2 grv, sk series - T668864
    • Article number: t668864
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    Parts that fit your Turfco machinery

    For Turfco machines RDM Parts has several parts in stock. These components are cheaper than the original, without compromising on quality. We also supply parts manuals and guides for various machines, including Turfco, so you can easily find the part you are looking for. Ordering parts via our website is easy. If you have questions about the parts that fit your Turfco machine, our specialists are always there for you. RDM Parts sells original and non-original spare parts for Turfco machinery.

    RDM Parts supplies knives for the sod harvester. There are various sizes of the knife available for various applications. A V shaped blade is also attachable to the machine for chamfering your sod.

    Turfco provides several machines for maintenance and green work on the golf course and in landscaping. The company is innovative and follows the latest developments in the golf industry closely. They come with an extensive range of equipment for various applications. Through more than 50 years of experience Turfco is now a solid company that is driven by what happens on the golf course.

    The KisCutter sod cutter is one of those innovative machines of the brand. This harvester is small, and thus ideal for places that are not easily reached with a big harvester. The harvester is therefore best used for trimming fields or flowerbeds. The machine is hydraulically driven and the compact design makes the harvester also very agile. The steering handles are adjustable in height. The user must however, ensure that the machine is pushed down for a successful cutting result. Hourly it is possible to cultivate 836m2 of grass with this machine. Turfco has ensured that sod can be harvested by machine at different depths. In addition, the machine is very servicable because of way it is made.

    De KisCutter sod cutter


    Turfco products are defined by the way they can be used on the golf course. Besides the cutters, Turfco also hasaerators, edgers en blowers. All products are very user friendly.