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    Parts that fit your Trebro machines

    RDM Parts supplies various parts for the automatic harvesters of Trebro including the SC 2010, harvestack and automatic stack harvester. If you want cheap parts that fit these machines, then you are at the right place at RDM Parts. You can use a parts manual to find the correct parts for your machine.

    For the rotary mowers and harvesters there are different components on the market. RDM parts makes sure the blades, guards, blade shafts and other components are always competitively priced. The advantage of RDM parts is that we do not only supply genuine Trebro parts, but we also provide an alternative. If you have no parts manual, our parts specialists are ready for your to find the right part for your Trebro machine.

    The Trebro autostack


    Trebo is an American brand that developes large-scale agricultural machinery. These machines are mainly aimed at the maintenance of grass and harvesting turf. The family company was created by a lack of grass in their home state of Montana. To fill this in a quick and inexpensive way, the former turf manufacturer began to develop a machine to harvest the grass and then pile up. This has proved such a success that the family business is completely switched to the production of these machines.

    With this development came a number of high quality machines that are more efficient for this job. Thus, it is now possible for a single person to harvest whole fields of the grass in a fraction of the time that was previously needed to harvest the sod. The machines are available in different cutting widths. With the most recent machines, the TSR and TSS the sod can also be rolled up directly, depending on the wishes of the user. The sc2010 comes with this option. The rolls or sheets grass are just stacked on a pallet. This is then put on the ground neatly by the machine.

    Trebro SC2010


    In addition to the automatic harvesters, Trebro also has a large-scale rotary mower, which can be used in combination with a tractor. The Power mower features folding decks to obtain the greatest possible cutting width. With this cutting width it is able to mow 19.6 acres per hour. The Gear Master of Trebro also belongs on the grass of a turf supplier.