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Engine Oil additives

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     - BG109
    Motor reiniger 325ml - BG109
    • Article number: BG109
     - BG112
    Diesel Oil Conditioner 325ml - BG112
    • Article number: BG112
     - BG107
    RF-7 oil treatment - BG107
    • Article number: BG107
     - BG-SET01
    Winterbeurt set diesel bg products - BG-SET01
    • Article number: BG-SET01
     - BG110
    Motor oil additive - BG110
    • Article number: BG110

    RDM Parts supplies the BG lubricants because they have proven to be of high quality. We have experienced this in our workshop. To get more information about the products of BG or the right additives for your oil, call our product specialist.


    Motor oil additives are used to adjust the composition of the oil to ensure an optimal working condition. A motor works under high pressure and is exposed to high temperatures. A well ubricated engine has no problems with this because there are no obstructions in the engine. Choosing the right additive to add to the oil is important. BG lubricants are of high quality and they ensure the optimal condition of the engine.

    Bad oil

    Bad oil or lubricants that are in a bad or old shape could damage your engine. Carbon particles can accumulate in the engine. There is also the possibility of sulphuric acid forming in the engine. This corrodes and destroys the engine. It is important to refresh the motor oil in time.


    As disclosed earlier, the additives help to ensure an optimal state of the lubricants. Additives do this in several ways. They prevent the forming of carbon particles and oxidation. Besides that a good lubricants lessens exhaust fumes, gives a better performance and a lower fuel consumption of the engine.


    BG lubricants are known for their good quality. The way the products work is researched and tested extensively. This proves that the oils, lubricants and additive help to make the machine more durable and optimal performance.