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    Parts for Vredo machines

    The RDM Parts assortment for Vredo machines ensures you can always come to the job with a well maintained machine. A machine that has been serviced regularly will have less breakdowns when it gets used. By planning maintenance in advance with quality parts you can prevent and reduce costly repairs. Find the parts you need easily by searching by part number in our search bar on the website..

    Vredo machines

    Vredo is characterised by developing overseeders for agricultural applications and turf applications. They also have powerful slurry injectors.

    Vredo overseeders for agricultural applications

    The overseeders for the agricultural sector from Vredo help with taking care of the grass. A grass sod that has been taken good care of will have a higher net yield per acre. In this category Vredo has developed the Agri Series, Agri Air Series and Agri Twin Series. The difference between the series is capacity and the way they are powered.

    Agri Series

    The Agri Series consist of mechanically powered overseeders. The seeder is available in working widths of 2,5 meters and 2,9 meters. The dosage is done by a stepless system that can be adjusted to match your needs. The double overseeding disc makes the overseeding process as optimal as it can be.

    Agri Air Series

    As the name suggests, the Agri Air is a pneumatically driven overseeder. Vredo has made this series for small scale operations. This series of overseeders come in two working widths 2,5 meters and 2,9 meters. The seed bin of the machine has a capacity of 450 litres for both models. This machine also has a stepless adjustable dosage for the seeds. Vredo uses the machines with a double sided overseeding disc. This helps to insert the grass seeds into the soil in an optimal way.

    Agri Twin Series

    The Agri Twin is the bigger brother of the Agri Air Series. The working width is 4,4 meter or 5,8 meters. This bigger machines are better suited for bigger scaled operations.

    Vredo overseeders for turf applications

    Vredo has produces several machines for maintenance of public green spaces, sports fields and golf courses. The Sport Series, Compact Series, Super Compact Series and Turf Fix series are in this range of products..

    Sport Series

    The sport series is made for overseeding sports fields and fairways. The ideal working width of 2,2 meters ensures that overseeding is efficient. During development of the machine they made sure that it fits on a trailer. Like other overseeders from Vredo the amount of seed can be adjusted in a stepless way.

    Compact Series

    With the machine of smaller size like the Compact Series Vredo aims to do a good and precise job in smaller spaces. The series has four models that range in working width from 1 meter to 2,2 meters. The V-shaped discs with a double wall plant the seed neatly in the soil. This creates optimal circumstances for the seed to germinate. Vredo claims it has a germination rate of 96% by their unique technique.

    Super Compact Series

    The Super Compact series runs from a working width of 80 centimetres to a working width of 2,2 meters with 3 other options in between. The machine is aimed to work at a place where small size matter but a high productivity matters. This means that it is a well suited machine for many applications in turf, camping and sports.

    Turf Fix Series

    The Turf Fix series is the smallest in the range of overseeders for turf applications from Vredo. The working width of a mere 63 centimetres ensures the seeder is usable in the smallest applications. Besides seeding, this multifunctional machine can also be used for aeration.

    Vredo slurry injectors

    There is more to taking care of grass than overseeding, that is why Vredo also has slurry injectors.. These injectors help to feed the grass with nutrients to keep them healthy and growing fast. We want to have more production from a single acre of soil, so fertilizing is a necessary practice to optimise yield. Fertilizing is done best with a slurry injector from Vredo.