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Mean Green parts

All parts that you need for the electrical mower of Mean Green can be found at RDM Parts. From lithium systems to mower blades, we always have the right parts for your Mean Green machine. As a parts specialist, RDM Parts is your partner and go to point for maintenance and repair to your professional mowing machine and golf machines. With our knowledge of parts for the Mean Green you will save on money and maintenance related costs. Curious how, or do you have a question about the Mean Green parts, contact us.

Mean Green mowers

Mean Green has several professional mowing machines. They have in common that they are all electrical machines. A lithium system gives the machines enough capacity to work a full working day. They are also very quiet and clean when compared to other mowers with a combustion engine. The machine range of Mean Green primarily exists of zero turn mowers and walk behind mowers.

Mean Green Zero Turn mowers

Zero turn mowers from Mean Green are just a tad different than zero turn mowers from other brands with a combustion engine. An electrical mower is sometimes seen as a disadvantage because of its limited range. But because of technological advancements in electrical vehicles, a zero turn mower from Mean Green lasts a full working day. Think about the costs you save with such a mower on maintenance. This is due to a lot of moving parts are no longer necessary in an electrically propelled vehicle when compared to a combustion engine powered zero turn mower. On top of that it is good for the environment because it is emission-free.

Mean Green Rival 52/60 zero turn mower

This Rival 52/60 Zero Turn mower works up to 7 hours straight. With its 52 inch and 60 inch mowing deck and speed up to 18 kilometers per hour, the mower is comparable with a zero turn mower with a combustion engine with 36 hp.

Mean Green Evo 74 zero turn mower

This is the flagship of the Mean Green range. Because of its big battery capacity it can run up to 8 hours straight. With a big mowing deck of 74 inch. The mower is fast because it has a top speed of 20 kilometers per hour. It is pretty much as fast as other zero turn mowers. Even if they run on petrol.


The Nemesis NXR-48/52 is a smaller version of the zero turn mower of Mean Green. The 48 or 52 inch deck gives the mower a high mowing capacity. The use of aluminium makes it a very light mower as well. The range is depending on the capacity of the battery that powers the machine.


Combine the knowledge of the light materials with a floating mower deck and a couple of powerful electric motors and you have the Mean Green XCR 52/60. A reliable and quiet mower. This saves fuel costs, maintenance costs and total cost of ownership. Because this electrical mower has a lot less moving parts, which in turn means a lot less wearing parts!

SK-48 Stalker Stand On / walk behind

Mean Green also made a version of the stand on / walk behind mower. This machine is perfect for parts of the terrain that are to small for the zero turn mower ride on mower. Still, the electrical part is what binds it to the rest of the pack of mowers.

Mean Green parts manual

Are you looking for a parts manual for your Mean Green machine to perform a good check up or maintenance? At RDM Parts we gladly help with the right documents so you have an overview of the job at hand. A properly maintained machine stays in the race. So if you need a parts manual or machine manual for the Mean Green machine, let our product specialists know!