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     - 808-63-IND-830
    Y-blade - 808-63-IND-830
    • Article number: 808-63-ind-830
     - 808-51-MU16-1
    Self-locking hexagon nut - M16x1,5 - 10.9 - 808-51-MU16-1
    • Article number: 808-51-mu16-1
     - 808-IND-23R
    Blade, right model - 808-IND-23R
    • Article number: 808-ind-23r
     - 808-63-IND-502-L
    Blade - left model - 808-63-IND-502-L
    • Article number: 808-63-ind-502-l
     - 808-63-SAU-03
    Y-blade - 808-63-SAU-03
    • Article number: 808-63-sau-03
     - 808-IND-23L
    Blade, left model - 808-IND-23L
    • Article number: 808-ind-23l
     - 808-63-SAU-04
    Y-blade - 808-63-SAU-04
    • Article number: 808-63-sau-04
     - 808-63-SAU-121
    Hexagon bolt - M24x3 - 10.9 - 808-63-SAU-121
    • Article number: 808-63-sau-121
     - 808-63-RM-63
    Pruning hammer - 808-63-RM-63
    • Article number: 808-63-rm-63
     - 808-51-1665
    Hexagon bolt - M16x1,5 - 12.9 - 808-51-1665
    • Article number: 808-51-1665
     - 808-63-SAU-120
    Bolt with self-locking nut - M20 x 2,5 - 10.9 - 808-63-SAU-120
    • Article number: 808-63-sau-120
     - 808-63-SAU-123
    Split pin 4x50 - 808-63-SAU-123
    • Article number: 808-63-sau-123
     - 808-63-SAU-01
    Y-blade - 808-63-SAU-01
    • Article number: 808-63-sau-01
     - 808-63-SAU-124
    Bush inpressed Ø42x45 - 808-63-SAU-124
    • Article number: 808-63-sau-124
     - 808-63-IND-502-R
    Blade - right model - 808-63-IND-502-R
    • Article number: 808-63-ind-502-r
     - 808-63-SAU-122
    Hexagon castle nut M24x3 - 808-63-SAU-122
    • Article number: 808-63-sau-122

    tiller blade and accessories for your Sauerburger machine

    Aftermarket parts that fit your Sauerburger machinery from RDM Parts. If you replace the wearing parts of your machine in time, you are guaranteed of optimal performance. When your tiller blade gets dull it will impact the performance and it raises gas use and defects. Find the right parts with the parts manual of your Sauerburger.

    Attach tiller blade

    Tiller blades are alternately attached to your rotary tiller. This also makes half of the blades turns left and the other half turns right. The cuttings surface of the tiller blade is placed in a way that it can only be attached one way. When you buy Sauerburger blades watch if this is a right turning or left turning model.

    The difference between C shaped and L shaped tiller blades

    The shape of your tiller blades determines the power that is needed by your Sauerburger machinery to process the soil. A C shaped blade needs less power to tiller than a L shaped blade. If you need to perform at a deep tiller dept C shaped blades are mostly used.

    An L shaped Sauerburger tiller blade has a sharper angle. This is the original tiller blade model. At shallow depts of less than 5 centimetres the L shaped blade is often used. A clear advantage of the blade is that it prevents soil compacting.

    Sauerburger tiller blade sizes

    Handy filters help you with finding the right tiller blades for your Sauerburger machinery. There are a couple of factors that determine if the blade fits, like: the distance between the connection holes and the width of the blade. The length that you need depends on the tilling dept.