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Dücker flail parts

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     - 808-63-IND-66-2
    Safety fitting for 991 from Ducker - 808-63-IND-66-2
    • Article number: 808-63-ind-66-2
     - 808-63-IND-66-1
    Flail fitting for 990 from Ducker - 808-63-IND-66-1
    • Article number: 808-63-ind-66-1
     - 808-63-1016
    Self-locking nut - 808-63-1016
    • Article number: 808-63-1016
     - 808-63-RM-35
    Pruning hammer fitting for 880 000 from Ducker - 808-63-RM-35
    • Article number: 808-63-rm-35

    Flails and accessories for your Dücker machine

    RDM Pars has wearing parts that fit your Dücker rotary tiller. If parts wear down it will cause your machine to lack performance. Dulling of your Flails is caused by the contact with soil and stones. You can find the right parts for replacement in the parts book ofyour Dücker.

    attach Flails to your Dücker machinery

    To mount the flails on the flail axle or chain you need some accessories. To be certain that you have the right flail for your Dücker machine you need to take a good look at the length and width of the to be replaced flail. It is also important to note that not every flail fits every mower. Take a look at the parts manual or give our parts specialists a call when you need any assistance.