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Agria blades

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     - RDM-66887
    Klepel Agria - RDM-66887
    • Article number: RDM-66887
     - 808-AGR-59L
    Blade, left model fitting for 1667 from Agria - 808-AGR-59L
    • Article number: 808-agr-59l
     - 808-63-AGR-71
    hackle fitting for 71010 from Agria - 808-63-AGR-71
    • Article number: 808-63-agr-71
     - 808-63-SM-01
    Y-blade fitting for T18004060 from Agria - 808-63-SM-01
    • Article number: 808-63-sm-01
     - 808-63-IND-173
    flail fitting for 74548 from Agria - 808-63-IND-173
    • Article number: 808-63-ind-173
     - 808-AGR-06R
    Blade, right model - 808-AGR-06R
    • Article number: 808-agr-06r
     - 808-63-AGR-57
    Mähmesser geeignet fur AS560KM von Agria - 808-63-AGR-57
    • Article number: 808-63-agr-57
     - 808-AGR-09L
    Blade, left model - 808-AGR-09L
    • Article number: 808-agr-09l
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    Every kind of flail you use on your flail mower will eventually need replacement. Pieces of rocks and regular use are the main cause of wear on your mower parts. These wear parts are replaced by the favorably prices parts of RDM Parts. Take a look at your manual to look up the parts you need for your Agria machine, or c

    Flails and accessories for your Agria messen en toebehoren machine

    Aftermarket parts that fit your Agria messen en toebehoren machinery from RDM Parts. If parts wear down it will cause your machine to lack performance. If your Flails are dull, they will perform less and this will lead to more use of gas or defects to your machine. Find and replace worn parts in time by looking them up in the parts book of your Agria messen en toebehoren machine

    Attach Flails

    To mount the flails on the flail axle or chain you need some accessories. RDM Parts has a special page that lists all attachment accessories for flails. It is also important to note that not every flail fits every mower. A parts manual and our parts specialists can advise you about the right flails for your machinery.

    all our product specialists.


    Several types of flails can be attached to the flail mower. Dependent on the kind of vegetation that needs to be mowed, one flail is better than the other. Every kind of flail results in a different cutting pattern. The mostly used flail is the flat headed flail. This is mainly used for large surfaces like sports field and golf courses. The second in line is the rough headed flail for the rougher jobs on site. If the finish is more important a flail with a smaller head is used. The smaller the head, the better the cutting pattern becomes. This mower is often used in gardens with a lot of obstacles. This is what makes the flail mower versatile. The product specialist of RDM Parts will give you a comprehensive advice about what flails are best for you.

    Agria two wheeled tractors

    ‘Één Agria, veel toepassingen’ met die slogan brengt Agria haar multifunctionele machines aan de man. Het merk profileert zich vooral met de verschillende soorten powertools die het aanbied. Deze kunnen op veelzijdige manieren worden ingezet.

    ‘One Agria, many possibilities’ With this slogan Agria sells the multifunctional machines. The brand has a range of powertools. These can be engaged in several ways, powered by their add-ons.

    Door verschillende opzetstukken op de tractoren van Agria te zetten, kan ook een maaier worden gemaakt. Dit maakt dan ook dat het zeer multifunctionele machines zijn. Agria heeft voor deze toepassing zowel klepelmaaiers als een vingerbalkmaaier. Deze kunnen op verschillende manieren worden ingezet. Een klepelmaaier zorgt ervoor dat het gras kapotgeslagen wordt en werpt dit vervolgens in kleine stukken uit. De vingerbalkmaaier knipt letterlijk het gras af en laat de sprieten vervolgens liggen. Een voordeel van het stukslaan door de klepelmaaier is dat de voedingsstoffen uit het maaisnoeisel gemakkelijker kan worden opgenomen. Een vingerbalk maaier zorgt daarentegen voor een mooier maaibeeld.

    By attaching a different add-on a mower can easily be made into a motorised brush or scarifier. This makes the machines multi functional. A flail mower whips the grass into little pieces, a finger bar cuts the grass like a pair of scissors and the blades of grass are left behind. An advantage of the flail mower is that the little pieces of grass act as nutrients for the grass. On the other hand, a finger bar gives a better result if you want a nice cutting pattern