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Parts that fit Shibaura machinery

The blades for the Shibaura mowers need to be replaced after regular use. It is also important for filters and drive belts to replace in time to guarantee an optimal machine. Timely servicing prevents failure of the machine when you need them. Parts dealer RDM Parts has various wear parts and parts for the Shibaura mowers in stock. To check what parts you need, please refer to the manuals of the machine. Our parts specialists are also always ready to help you.

Japanese companies Toshiba and IHI joined forces to launch the Shibaura brand in 1950. Initially they focused on the development of engines. Later tractors were also added to the product line. Today the company is owned by IHI. This company next engines and tractors also manufactures aircraft components such as engines, they are present in the construction sector.

Shibaura Europe CM 374 Major


In the landscaping and maintenance for gardens, parks and golf courses, the company is best known for its mowers and gardening tools. Shibaura has different types of mowers including rotary mowers and cylinder mowers. Due to the low placing of the different cutting systems, the mowers have a low center of gravity. When designing the SR370 the company added techniques that allow the center of gravity to shift, making the mower extra stable on an inclined slope

Shibaura is also known for its compact tractors and subcompact tractors with a mowing deck. A mower like the SX26 has several components such as a PTO and also comes with various options including the mowing deck.