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    Parts that fit your Heizohak machinery

    A regular replacement of the chipping blades is a necessity when it comes to wood chippers. These wear parts are in most cases the cheapest at RDM Parts because the products are not from the original supplier. Nevertheless we make sure our products are of the best quality, which means that your maintenance is also of high quality standards. Our chipping blades fit all chippers from Heizohack. If you need replacement parts or wear parts, you can mostly find the correct part numbers in a manual.

    The blades that RDM Parts has for the chippers of Heizohack have two cutting parts If the blades become blunt, it is possible to sharpen them. This makes sure the parts last longer.

    Heizohack chipper combi


    Heizohack is a company that specialises in wood chippers and heating systems for houses. The biomass that the chippers process, is used as fuel for the heating system, the Heizomat. Heizohack has several chipper models that are used in different conditions.

    The PTO powered Heizohack chippers have a controlled intake. This makes sure the intake is adapted to the available power of the power source, mostly a tractor. All chippers have the GS certifications. This means the machines are checked for safety. The safety systems include a safety line and a safety bracket that is fitted around the intake. Not all machines are suitable for use in combination with a crane.

    The chippers have a blade holder with a quick mounting system. This allows the user to quickly and easily change a dull blade. Very convenient if the system has to go back to work in a short time.

    For the major consumer, there is also a chipper combi. This is a Mercedes truck with a crane and a big woodchipper mounted on the back. The Heizohack 14-800 is one of the big shots of the collection from Heizohack. For the driver, the machine is operated from the cabin. This place offers a clear view to operate the crane and load the logs onto the feed table.