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Sisis parts

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     - RDM-7801
    Slitter mes - RDM-7801
    • Article number: RDM-7801
     - RDM-VB54B
    Verticutblad - RDM-VB54B
    • Article number: rdm-vb54b
     - RDM-VB70RB
    Verticutblad - RDM-VB70RB
    • Article number: rdm-vb70rb
     - RDM-VB70RA
    Verticutblad - RDM-VB70RA
    • Article number: rdm-vb70ra
     - RDM-3610636H
    RDM-Sisis – Verticut Blade - RDM-3610636H
    • Article number: RDM-3610636H
     - RDM-36560
    Sisis blade - RDM-36560
    • Article number: rdm-36560
     - RDM-VB54C
    Verticutblad - RDM-VB54C
    • Article number: rdm-vb54c
     - RDM-VB54A
    Verticutblad - RDM-VB54A
    • Article number: rdm-vb54a

    Parts that fit Sisis Machinery

    RDM Parts has knives that fit the detachers of Sisis. Other wear parts and parts for Sisis are also available. To check whether you have the right part for your machine, please refer to the manual of the machine. We have specified which parts fits which machines on our website. If you still have doubts about the accuracy, or would like advice please call one of our parts specialists.

    The aerating knives which are made by RDM Parts that fit the Sisis machines have been provided with a carbide point. This ensures that the blades are resistant to wear. Such a blade has to endure a lot during the work. By adding the carbide points to the design, the aerating knives have an extra long life.

    Sisis Quadraplay


    "When in 1930, we found out that holes in the ground makes grass grow better, so we started Sisis." The company builds machines for artificial and natural grass. They give the sports-, golf clubs and municipalities the tools to give the best care of their grass. The company has a broad catalog with a variety of machines for maintenance of various types of sports fields.

    For this service, the company focuses most on aerators. Because they offers equipment for various sports fields. There are different needs when it comes to the capacity of the machines. A sports field, after all, need a different machine than a golf course. This allows Sisis to produce these machines both powered and PTO driven. That’s how they cope with the difference in capacity.

    Sisis Aerator


    Deze machines zijn in veel gevallen op verschillende manieren inzetbaar zoals de Sisis Quadraplay of Twinplay. Door verschillende tools aan de frames te monteren kan met één machine het gras op verschillende manieren bewerkt worden. Dit bespaart een hoop tijd omdat de gewenste bewerking met één rit kan worden toegepast.

    In most cases the machines can be used in multiple ways, like the Quadraplay or Twinplay. By attaching different tools to the frame, one machine can cultivate the grass in different ways. This saves time because multiple tools can be attached.