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    Parts that fits Walker machinery

    Mowers need regular maintenance to guarantee a good cut. Moreover, it is of important in order to keep your machine running. RDM Parts supplies various parts, both original and its own brand, making maintenance cheaper without compromising on quality. For the right parts, it is best to look for manuals or guides or on our product pages.

    RDM Parts supplies both the original and non-original for the Walker mower. When adding parts to our catalog, we always look at the quality. We ask ourselves, where can we improve parts so they last longer? This will reduce the cost of maintenance and repair. The order of these parts can be easily done through our online shop. This is clearly categorised by brand so you can quickly find your product. Should you need advice or help finding the right part, you can always call our help desk. The parts specialists can assist you in finding the right supplies for repair, maintenance or replacement of wear parts for the Walker mowers.

    The lower deck of the Walker mowers have a certain advantage when it comes to places that are difficult to reach such as under a fence. This is due to the low wheel suspension of the front-mounted deck. According to Walker, by using their machines, you can save a lot of money on labor costs because the mowers can mow more acres per hour than the competitor's machines.

    Walker mowers

    The mowers are equipped with a deck that gives an optimal view on the grass so that it can be examined carefully what is being mowed. In contrast to the control of comparable mowers, Walker lawn mowers be controlled by levers between the legs. The mowers are in many ways adaptable, because of different cutting units and other expansions that can be attached to the frame.

    The mowers are easy to maintain because all components are withing reach. In this way, the access to vital parts and wear parts is easy. Replacing blades or checking other components therefore is literally at the touch of a button.