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Locke parts

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     - R2135-1
    Bedknife - high cut 1/2 x 25 in - R2135-1
    • Article number: R2135-1
     - R2137
    Bedknife - low cut 3/8 x 30 in - R2137
    • Article number: R2137
     - R2137-1
    Bedknife - high cut 1/2 x 30 in - R2137-1
    • Article number: R2137-1
     - R2135
    Bedknife - low cut 3/8 x 25 in - R2135
    • Article number: R2135

    Parts that fit your Locke machines

    Since Locke is in the hands of another company it is getting ever more difficult to get parts for Locke mowers. Because the machines are still being used, RDM Parts makes sure there is always parts in stock. Check your parts manual for the right parts or parts numbers. Because some mowers are older than others, we can imagine that you might not be able to find the part you are looking for. In that case, please call our parts specialist. They will help you with finding the right wear parts, they can also give advice about repair and maintenance.

    The locke mower brand was taken over by Ariens company in 2006. Before the switch of owners, the brand was known for its good reel mowers. The company exists since 1895 and it has several patents on its name. A rich history is what characterizes Locke. This is seen in the unique machines that the company has produced over the years. In the beginning most of the machines where walk behind mowers. But with the changing of the times riding mowers were introduced in the company.

    Locke maaiers kennen nog steeds veel aanhang van fans. De producten gaan lang mee en zelfs de antieke maaiers zorgen voor een goed maaibeeld. De loopmaaiers van het bedrijf typeren zich doordat ze 3 maaikooien hebben. Daarmee is de maaibreedte voor een loopmaaier zeer breed. De twee buitenste maaikooien kunnen opgeklapt worden waardoor het eenvoudiger is om de machine te vervoeren.

    Locke mowers still have a fair share of fans. The products last a long time, and even antique mowers still give great mowing results. The walk behind mowers of the Locke typically have three reels. This makes a fairly big width of cut for a walk behind mower. The two outer reels can be lifted to make a smaller machine that is easier to transport.

    Locke mowers