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Parts for your Vandaele

ATTENTION! all parts whose article number starts with "RDM-'' are not original from Vandaele but a private brand of RDM parts. 

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     - RDM-0800028
    Knife - RDM-0800028
    • Article number: rdm-0800028
     - RDM-0800002B
    Snijbeitel 86mm passend voor vandaele - RDM-0800002B
    • Article number: rdm-0800002b
     - RDM-0800002
    Knife - RDM-0800002
    • Article number: rdm-0800002
     - RDM-0800004
    Tegenbeitel 100mm 2 gaten fits for Vandaele - RDM-0800004
    • Article number: rdm-0800004
     - 0800004
    Vandaele TV180 Tegenbeitel - 0800004
    • Article number: 0800004
     - 8208-0800021
    Tegenbeitel 63mm TV170/180 - 8208-0800021
    • Article number: 8208-0800021
     - 0800002
    Snijbeitel lengte 76mm - 0800002
    • Article number: 0800002
     - 8208-5100007
    Veer invoer TV120 - 8208-5100007
    • Article number: 8208-5100007
     - 8208-0800002B
    Beitel nieuw model lengte 86mm - 8208-0800002B
    • Article number: 8208-0800002B

    Parts from RDM Parts that fit your Vandaele machinery

    For Vandaele Machinery, RDM parts has several parts in stock. After frequent chipping branches, stems and other greenery, the wearing parts of a wood chipper are to be replaced. On our product pages you can find the parts that fit your machine. You can also look in the parts books and manuals from the manufacturer to find the part you are looking for.

    You can find some original parts from Vandaele. The parts of Vandaele are of a good quality.. The tip of the cutting chisel and the counter-tool has a carbide strip for extra strenght. This makes the tool tremendously durable. The Vandaele parts can be ordered from us online. The original part numbers can be found in the parts manual of the machine. If you don’t have a parts manual from Vandale? Please contact us! We are keen to help you find the right Vandaele parts.

    Vandaele chipper


    Vandaele Machines is a manufacturer of a variety of machines for different applications. The company is known because in the 60s it was one of the first to developed a flail mower for roadside maintenance. The company's core activity is therefore to develop machines in-house. This results in an impressive catalog of machines that are used primarily in the municipal landscape maintenance.

    Today, the company still produces a wide range of flail mowers that are attached to an hydraulic arm. These mowers are mainly used for landscape maintenance in hard to reach places such as ditches. The flail mowers use cutting blades become blunt after intensive use. RDM Parts has these chisels stock. For the maintenance of verges and ditches, the company also has hedge trimmers on a hydraulic arm arm and a canal reamer.

    Vandaele flail mower


    The wood chippers of Vandaele are also well known. The shredder is available in different versions, including a PTO version and a version powered by a diesel engine. The PTO version is powered directly. The discharge pipe of the shredder is turning so that the chips can be discharged in the desired manner. The design of these machines is made so that blades can be easily replaced. It is important to replace the bits in a timely manner because that reduces the load on the machine. The systems make the machine easily maintainable.