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Progressive Turf parts

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     - RDM-521750
    Roller 100mm x 130mm - RDM-521750
    • Article number: RDM-521750
    Pen 5/8 * 160mm - RDM-209001
    • Article number: RDM-209001
     - RTD1308
    Rotary blade - RTD1308
    • Article number: RTD1308

    Parts that fit your Progressive Turf machines

    RDM Parts has the parts manuals for several mower brands, including Progressive Turf. We specialise in selling wear parts and replacement parts for the brands.

    The high lift blades that RDM Parts sells are specially designed to create a vacuum that raises the grass. By the sharp edge of the blade, the grass can be cut cleanly. This gives a nice mowing result and that makes the mower very efficient.

    Progressive Turf tow behind mower


    Tow behind mowers are different from other mowers because they do not have a powersource themselves. The mowers are towed by a tractor with a PTO. Progressive Turf is an expert in this area because they focus on tow behind rotary mowers. With more than 30 years of experience the company makes machines for golf courses, greeners, grass slab production and municipalities.

    The towed mowers are can be categorised in 4 categories. Contour mowers from the Pro-Flex B and Pro-Flex RB models. Conventional tow behind mowers, from the TD and Pro-Max series. Roller mowers from the TDR and SDR series. This category has a build in striping kit. Last but not least are the mowers for slopes. This is the only mower from Progressive Turf that has it’s own power source. This mower on caterpillar tracks can reach the most difficult places.

    The advantage of a tow behind mower is mostly that they have a very wide cutting width. With the use of a tractor a tow behind mower fits most machineries. On top of that, a PTO often delivers more power to the mowing decks than a regular mower.

    The contour mowers from Progressive turf are ideal for use on sloping terrains. The separate mowing decks of the mower can follow the contours of the train much better and that results in an even cutting result on the slopes.