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Tunnissen (TS) parts

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     - TS012013002
    Blade TS180/190M/222 - TS012013002
    • Article number: TS012013002
     - TS-013-013001
    Counter knife TS225/325/327/300/400 - TS-013-013001
    • Article number: ts-013-013001
     - SA-1030
    Blade - Kwik Chip 160 Blades - SA-1030
    • Article number: SA-1030
     - TS012013001
    Tegenmes 248x80x20 TS160/190/200/222/250 - TS012013001
    • Article number: TS012013001
     - TS012003049
    Zijmes TS222/180/190M - TS012003049
    • Article number: TS012003049
     - SA-0060
    Blade - Kwik Chip 200 Blades / 270 - SA-0060
    • Article number: SA-0060
     - SA-5000
    Blade - Kwik Chip 222 / 180 Blades - SA-5000
    • Article number: SA-5000
     - SA-0150
    Blade - Kwik Chip TS Ecoline 327 Blades / 225 - SA-0150
    • Article number: SA-0150
    9070 Kwikchip Anvil 400 / 327
    • Article number: 9070
    Tegenmes - GM-TU-3500800200
    • Article number: gm-tu-3500800200
    Counter knife TS225/325/327/300/400 - TS-013-013001
    • Article number: ts-013-013001
    Cutting knife TS300/400*8118 - TS-01092004
    • Article number: ts-01092004
    Cutting knife TS300/400*8118 - TS-01092004
    • Article number: ts-01092004

    Parts that fit your Tunnissen machiner

    Would you like to lower the costs of maintenance to your Tunissen machines? Then use our alternatives to original TS parts! We make use of alternatives that fit the machines, as this gives us the opportunity to offer you a competitive price. The high quality of the parts and components, make them ideal for maintaining your Tünissen machines. You choose a durable application, while you can buy components at a competitive price.Order alternatives parts that fit your TS online.

    We supply knives that fit the Tunissen machinery. Besides that, we ensure that you will have the parts as soon as possible. We supply most spare parts from stock, which means we can directly ship them to you. Do you have a question about one of the alternative TS chip knives? Please contact our customer service, they can tell you more about this. We can help you with selecting the right parts.

    Are you specifically looking for TS parts? Take advantage of our alternative parts for your wood chipper, which you ensure that you are up and running again quickly. Do you have a Harvester and you need the wear parts of your TS to be replaced? With our parts for Tünissen, you are sure to be up and running in no time.

    TS industrie 350 M


    130 years of experience is what counts for TS industry. The combination of the businesses Tünnissen and Saelen has created a powerful alliance which now makes various types of shredders. Saelen traditionally made agricultural machinery. Tünnissen had the experience of wood chippers and accessory for brands such as Fendt and Ransomes. Since 2014 the brand has a renewed look with a new name and logo; TS industry.

    The catalog of TS industry can be divided in two. The Green Series, offering mainly shredders. The Wood Series cosists of various wood chippers. Both series consist of standalone machines.

    The machines have a sound-absorbing insulation in the housing. This ensures that it is more comfortable to work with the machine, and that there is less disruption to the environment. The sound damping system therefore ensures that the sound seems to be reduced by half. The soundproofing has been tested according to European standards. The DRI system also ensures that wear parts can easily be replaced.