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Jensen parts

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     - RDM20-0240-26-01-0
    Hakmes jensen A518 / A521 - RDM20-0240-26-01-0
    • Article number: RDM20-0240-26-01-0
     - RDM-20-0240-27-01-0
    Hakmes jensen - RDM-20-0240-27-01-0
    • Article number: RDM-20-0240-27-01-0
    Blade - Jensen 140 / 141 - SA-9050
    • Article number: SA-9050
     - SA-8020
    Blade - Jensen A530 universal (Jensen 750) - SA-8020
    • Article number: SA-8020
    mes Jensen A141Z - 10411
    • Article number: 10411
    Blade - Jensen 521 PTO - SA-5050
    • Article number: SA-5050
     - SA-100076
    Blade - Jensen 430T Horizontal Anvil - SA-100076
    • Article number: SA-100076
     - SA-0070
    Blade - Jensen A425 / 430 (540) - SA-0070
    • Article number: SA-0070
    Vertical counter - J9320
    • Article number: j9320
     - SA-9190
    Blade - Jensen 325 PTO - SA-9190
    • Article number: SA-9190
    Counter knife - J9416
    • Article number: j9416
     - SA-0080
    Blade - Jensen A328 / A340 Blades - SA-0080
    • Article number: SA-0080
     - SA-5060
    Blade - Jensen 521 Blades - SA-5060
    • Article number: SA-5060
     - SA-7060
    Chipper blade Jensen 528 - SA-7060
    • Article number: SA-7060
    Inlay - 65009
    • Article number: 65009
     - SA-7090
    Blade - Jensen 530 Anvil = 15mm Thick - SA-7090
    • Article number: SA-7090
     - SA-9590
    Blade - Jensen 10mm Anvil - SA-9590
    • Article number: SA-9590
     - SA-8060
    Blade - Jensen 240 - SA-8060
    • Article number: SA-8060
     - SA-100075
    Blade - Jensen 430T Vertical Anvil - SA-100075
    • Article number: SA-100075
     - SA-0090
    Blade - Jensen 325 Blades - SA-0090
    • Article number: SA-0090
    Blade - Jensen 528 PTO - SA-8010
    • Article number: SA-8010
    Cylinder screw - 1817
    • Article number: 1817


    Do you want to save on the maintenance of your Jensen wood chipper? Use our alternatives to the original that fit the Jensen machines. We have parts of excellent quality, so by consciously selecting them, we make sure you get a competitive price. High quality parts are the only choice if you want durable maintenance, that is why you pick the parts from RDM Parts to ensure a lasting solution.

    Alternatives to original Jensen chopper parts.

    You can order the parts needed for your Jensen chipping machine easily online. Most parts are directly shipped from our own stock. This ensures fast delivery times. Do you have a question about the alternatives for your Jensen machine parts, or do need advice about maintenance or a repair, please contact our parts specialists. They can tell you everything from the ordering process to the parts needed for an engine refit. Make sure you have a spare set of wear parts at the ready to prevent long stalling times.

    Chisels and knives for Jensen

    Are you specifically looking for chipper parts? Take advantage of our alternative parts that fit Jensen machines. So you are ensured to be up and running again in no time. Have a Jensen and does it no longer work as it used to? With our alternatives to the original Jensen components you are ensured of a competitive price, while keeping a sustainable application.