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hydraulic hose PT5226

Technical details

Article number PT5226
Brand John Deere

Technical details

Suitable for brand John Deere
Standard delivery, 1-2 workdays
Express delivery, in 24 hours
Discount, for companies
Favorable, prices

Product description

Product description

hydraulic hose PT5226

At RDM Parts we have over 700.000 original parts for John Deere garden parc and golf machinery. The PT5226 is a part that fits for machines of John Deere. You will maintain your machine with original products.

Maintenance to your John Deere machine with original parts like the hydraulic hose

Maintaining your John Deere machinery in time ensures you can use it as long as possible. That's why we have original parts from the brand like the hydraulic hose. Besides original parts, we also have fitting parts that can replace the original like the PT5226 from John Deere. Recognize these alternative parts by the RDM- prefix to the article number. If you prefer original parts or rather use fitting replacement parts. You can always ask us a question about maintenance, John Deere machinery, maintenance schedules or parts.

Check if the hydraulic hose PT5226 fits your machine

Closely check if the part fits your machine. This part has part number [SKU[ and fits for a John Deere machine. Don't get what is written in the manual, send us a clear picture of the part and the serial number of your machine. With this information we can probably find the part that you need.

Mounting the PT5226

To guarantee a proper operation of your machine, you mount the parts according to the prescriptions. The parts manual lists the methods for a correct placement and attachment. You can also consult one of our specialists or a mechanic about the prescription.

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