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fuel filter FF4011

Technical details

Article number FF4011
Brand Fleetguard
Standard delivery, 1-2 workdays
Express delivery, in 24 hours
Discount, for companies
Favorable, prices

Product description

Product description

Fleetguard fuel filter FF4011

Particles that should not be in the fuel are filtered out of the solution with a fuel filter. These are particles that should not be in the fuel, like water and dirt. Without the fuel filter these particles could cause damage and irregularities in the engine to the point where the engine malfunctions. Ensure a regular replacement of the fuel filter FF4011 of Fleetguard. Before replacement, check the parts manual to make sure the FF4011 part fits for your machine.

Replacing the Fleetguard fuel filter

The fuel starts pumping through the system, including the fuel filter, from the moment the engine is started. In the filter there is a purposely designed technique that separates the water and particles from the fuel and catches it in the filter. These water and pieces will slowly clog the filter. When the filter is used for a longer time it is a good measure to replace it for a brand new Fleetguard Filter. The parts manual prescribes where the fuel filter is mounted on the machine. This is usually on a practical place between the fuel tank and the engine. The fuel enters the fuel filter through a specific inlet and the filtered fuel will exit through an outlet. Check the connection when replacing the fuel filter.

The height of the product is 89,99 mm. The filter has an outer diameter of 57,51 mm.

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