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Hole cutters

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     - R600255
    LEVEL - CUP CUTTER - R600255
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    Hole cutter - lever action - RP1001
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    Bout - Hole Cutter - R300157
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    CUP CUTTER - 7IN 2 HOLE TOP MT. - R600450
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    CUP CUTTER - 7IN 4 HOLE SIDE MT. - R600400
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    Onderdeel - Spot Aerator - RP203101
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    Aerator - spot - RP203100
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    Borg Moer - Hole Cutter - R301504
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    Hole Cutter - Scharpener - R300321
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    Mes - Turf Repairer - RP1009
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    Cup cutter - 7 inside sharpened - R600100
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    Mes - Hole Cutter - R300155
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    Onderdeel - Hole Cutter - RP1024
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    Piston - Hole Cutter - RP1016
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     - RP203125
    Mender - plug - RP203125
    • Article number: RP203125
     - RP950
    Putting cup cleaner - RP950
    • Article number: RP950
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    Abrasive Belt 3-1/2 in 36 Grit - R300312
    • Article number: R300312
     - RP1002
    Hole cutter - foot extraction - RP1002
    • Article number: RP1002
     - RP1018
    Piston - Turf Repairer - RP1018
    • Article number: RP1018
     - R300158
    • Article number: R300158
     - RP1021
    Onderdeel - Hole Cutter - RP1021
    • Article number: RP1021
     - RP1006
    Square Turf Repairer - 6in - RP1006
    • Article number: RP1006
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    Hole cutters

    A small science is behind the making of the perfect golf hole. Not only the technical details like the total depth of the hole matter, but also placement of the hole is essential to ensure an exiting golf tournament. It should not be to hard to putt after a good drive, but not to easy either.

    The hole cutter is used to make the hole. The device has a round blade that makes a neat hole in the green or putting green.

    The dimensions of the ideal hole

    Diameter: 108mm

    Depth: 101 mm

    Holecup: minimal 25mm below surface area

    Sharpened inside or sharpened outside

    When It comes to making a hole, there are to types of hole cutters. An inside sharpened one and a cutter with the blade part on the outside. Most of the new greens are sand greens. Sand is the most common part of the construction that raises them. Inside sharpened hole cutters are mostly used on this type of green. Older greens are also named ‘push up greens’ these are raised with clay. It is best to use a hole cutter with the outer rim sharpened on this type of green.

    Measuring the dept of the hole.

    Because holes have a strict set of rules it is vital to check if the newly cut hole complies with the rules. With a depth gauge it is easy to see if the hole is compliant. The depth gauge is usually a plastic strip with markings on it.

    Sharpening the hole cutter

    A special sharpener helps to keep the hole cutter sharp. It is important to make a neat hole. A dull blade tears the root of the grass plant. This is seen by the brown rings that a dull blade leaves in the plug.

    The sharpener works real simple. It starts with cleaning the blade. Check of the blade has bends. If so straighten the blade. After this, place the tool in the sharpener and turn in. The sharpener sharpens the dull edge. Now you are ready to make a neat hole again!