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Lindana TP parts

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     - RDM-0800004
    Tegenbeitel 100mm 2 gaten fits for Vandaele - RDM-0800004
    • Article number: rdm-0800004
     - RDM-0800002
    Knif - RDM-0800002
    • Article number: rdm-0800002
     - RDM-0800002B
    Snijbeitel 86mm passend voor vandaele - RDM-0800002B
    • Article number: rdm-0800002b
     - RDM-0800028
    Knif - RDM-0800028
    • Article number: rdm-0800028
     - SA-5030
    Blade - Lindana TP150/TP 660 Blades - SA-5030
    • Article number: SA-5030
     - 8208-0800002B
    Beitel nieuw model lengte 86mm - 8208-0800002B
    • Article number: 8208-0800002B
     - SA-5040
    Blade - Lindana TP250 Blades - SA-5040
    • Article number: SA-5040
     - SA-2020
    Blade - Lindana TP 860 / 270 Blades - SA-2020
    • Article number: SA-2020
     - SA-0190
    RDM Parts Blade - lindana tp 960 blades - SA-0190
    • Article number: SA-0190
     - SA-3080
    RDM Parts Blade - lindana tp 760 blades - SA-3080
    • Article number: SA-3080

    Parts that fit Linddana machinery

    RDM Parts supplies in wear parts for several Linddana TP machines, including the blades for the wood chippers. Our products specialist will gladly help you find the right wear parts for your machines. If you are maintaining or repairing your machine, you can also seek advice from our product specialist. They will look in a parts manual for a fitting solution.

    The blades for Linddana chippers exist of a single or multiple blade parts. By fabricating the cutting teeth of the machine from hardened steel, a very durable knive is made. This hardened steel is supported which enables the chipper to cope with the heaviest loads.

    Multifunctional wood chippers are typical for Linddana. The Denmark based company is conveniently located in Scandinavia. The brand is known for its TP series. The company is producing the machines since 1980. In 35 years, it has grown to be an industry leader in wood chippers. This is because of their innovative machinery and production techniques.

    The Linddana machines can be attached to a tractor in several ways, depending on the size of the machine and the task at hand.

    Linddana TP 200 PTO


    Het bedrijf heeft deze positie weten te veroveren door het produceren van gebruiksvriendelijke machines die bovendien erg zuinig en robuust zijn. Zo is er bij het ontwerp aan gedacht dat slijtdelen makkelijk te vervangen moeten zijn. De houtversnipperaars komen dan ook in verschillende maten voor verschillende consumenten. Voor de kleinste lasten is er de TP 130, deze hakselaar verwerkt tot 4m3 hout per uur. Voor de grootste klussen is er de TP 400 PTO K. Deze kraan gestuurde hakselaar kan tot wel 400m3 hout per uur versnipperen. Uiteraard heeft het bedrijf nog veel meer machines in de middenmoot. Ook zijn de Linddana machines op verschillende manieren te vervoeren. Er zijn op zichzelf aangedreven hakselaars, aftakas aangedreven chippers, maar ook hakselaars met rupsbanden of in de vorm van een aanhanger.

    Linddana achieved this position by producing user friendly machines that are very robust and durable. The design of the chipping blades happened with ease of replacement in mind. That is why the chippers come in several sizes for different customers. The smallest burdens are carried by the TP 130. This chipper can process up to 4m3 wood per hour. For the biggest burders Linddana came with the TP 400 PTO K. This shredder has the helping arm of a crane. That allows it to chip up to 400m3 wood per hour. In between these two machines there is a whole range of other models. They are driven in different ways. There are stand alone machines with a motor. PTO powered machines and a chipper on caterpillar tracks for the remotest areas.